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Editors-in-Chief:F.H. Arthur





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Aims & Scope

The Journal of Stored Products Research provides an international medium for the publication of both reviews and original results from laboratory and field studies on the preservation and safety of stored products, notably food stocks, covering storage-related problems from the producer through the supply chain to the consumer. Stored products are characterised by having relatively low moisture content and include raw and semi-processed foods, animal feedstuffs, and a range of other durable items, including materials such as clothing or museum artefacts.

Manuscripts are welcomed on:

• the biology, ecology, physiology, behaviour, taxonomy or genetics of pests and spoilage agents
• environmental factors influencing insect life cycles
• the physical, chemical or biological control of pests and spoilage agents but excluding routine laboratory screening of candidate plant materials
• biochemical or behavioural resistance to control measures
• storage biotechnology, pest management and decision support systems
• the effects of physical and environmental control procedures on the physical and chemical nature of the stored products
• the assessment, prevention and control of losses
• regulatory, technological and socio-economic subjects relevant to stored products
• improvements in the design and structure of the storage environment

The Journal of Stored Products Research reflects the worldwide interest in the scientific problems of infestation in stored food and their relevance to food stock security, market access and trade, and the increasing problem of world food distribution.

Contact details for submission:

Based on your topic, your manuscript will be handled by one of the Editors-in-Chief:

Greg Daglish:
Chemical control and contaminant

Frank Arthur:
Biology and Ecology

Chris Bell:
Biological and Physical Control


Researchers in the biology, ecology, physiology and genetics of the insects, mites and fungi associated with stored products.

Abstracting and Indexing

BIOSIS, Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, Chemical Abstracts, Current Contents/Agriculture, Biology & Environmental Sciences, Current Contents/SciSearch Database, Current Contents/Science Citation Index, EMBiology, Elsevier BIOBASE, PASCAL/CNRS, Research Alert, Scopus
Editors-in-Chief F.H. Arthur U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Agricultural Research Service (ARS), Manhattan, KS, USA, C.H. Bell The Food and Environment Research Agency, York, UK, G.J. Daglish Agri-Science Queensland, Brisbane, QLD, Australia, Advisory Board C. Adler Berlin, Germany, C. Athanassiou N. Ioania Magnisias, Greece, H.J. Banks Canberra, ACT, Australia, M. Bengston Kenmore, QLD, Australia, J.F. Campbell Manhattan, KS, USA, P. Collins Brisbane, QLD, Australia, P.F. Credland Egham, UK, P. Fields Winnipeg, MB, Canada, F. Fleurat-Lessard Villenave d'Ornon, France, P.W. Flinn Manhattan, KS, USA, D.P. Giga Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, R.N. Guedes Vicosa, Brazil, G. Hallman Manhattan, KS, USA, A.D. Hocking North Ryde, NSW, Australia, R.J. Hodges Chatham, UK, D.S. Jayas Winnipeg, MB, Canada, J.A. Johnson Parlier, CA, USA, C.L. Jones Stillwater, OK, USA, M.K. Nayak Brisbane, QLD, Australia, C. Reichmuth Berlin, Germany, J. Riudavets Cabrils (Barcelona), Spain, P. Trematerra Campobasso, Italy, M. Wakefield York, UK, N.D.G. White Winnipeg, MB, Canada, D.T. Wicklow Peoria, IL, USA, D.M. Wilson Tifton, GA, USA, C.P. Woloshuk West Lafayette, IN, USA
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