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Editor:L. Rudman





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Aims & Scope

The Journal of Experimental Social Psychology publishes original research and theory on human social behavior and related phenomena. The journal emphasizes empirical, conceptually based research that advances an understanding of important social psychological processes. The journal also publishes literature reviews, theoretical analyses, and methodological comments.

The Editor and Associate Editors will make an initial determination of whether or not submissions fall within the scope of the journal and/or are of sufficient merit and importance to warrant full review.

Before submitting, please also read the guidelines found Here describing some criteria that the journal's editors employ when evaluating manuscripts. JESP is an official journal of the Society of Experimental Social Psychology

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Abstracting and Indexing

Applied Social Science Index and Abstracts, Biological Abstracts, Current Contents/Social & Behavioral Sciences, PsycINFO Psychological Abstracts, PsycLIT, Research Alert, Scopus, Social Sciences Citation Index
Editor L. Rudman Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ, USA, Past-Editor J. Cooper Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, USA, Associate Editors I. Blair University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, USA, R.M. Calogero University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent, England, UK, M.T. Crawford Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand, A. Freitas State University of New York at Stony Brook, New York, NY, USA, A. Galinsky Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, USA, R. Giner-Sorollo University of Kent, Canterbury, England, UK, G. Haddock Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK, G.B. Moskowitz Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, USA, B.J. Schmeichel Texas A&M University, TX, USA, S.J. Sherman Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, USA, S. Sommers Tufts University, Medford, MA, USA, K. van den Bos Utrecht University, Utrecht, Netherlands, Editorial Board J. Ackerman , E. Allan Lind , A. Alter , S.M. Andersen , C.A. Anderson , D. Axsom , B. Bartholow , M. Brauer , M. Brewer , J. Brockmyer , R. Chow , M. Clark , R. Custers , J. Darley , C. de Dreu , K. DeMarree , P.G. Devine , C. Nathan DeWall , D. Dunning , P. Eastwick , N. Epley , L. Fabrigar , R. Fazio , M.J. Ferguson , K. Fiedler , E. Finkel , S. Fiske , G. Fitzsimons , K. Fujita , K. Gasper , G.H.E. Gendolla , P. Gollwitzer , G. Gonzaga , T. Greitemeyer , D. Gruenfeld , J. Halberstadt , N. Halevy , D. Hamilton , A.B. Hollingshead , K. Hugenberg , M. Inzlicht , T.A. Ito , C. Judd , N. Kerr , C. Klauer , J. Krueger , V.S.Y. Kwan , A.J. Lambert , J. R. Larson, Jr. , G. Leonardelli , J. Levine , C.G. Lord , B. Lowery , G. MacDonald , D.M. Mackie , C.N. Macrae , W. Maddux , J. Magee , K. Markman , A.R. McConnell , S.M. McCrea , I. McGregor , N. Mead , W.B. Mendes , D. Molden , M.J. Monteith , R. Moreland , M. Muraven , S. Neuberg , M.I. Norton , D. Oppenheimer , B. Park , C.D. Parks , K. Payne , R.E. Petty , E. Plant , D. Prentice , E. Pronin , H. Reis , J. Risen , N. Roese , M. Rothbart , D. Rucker , B. Sagarin , J. Salvatore , D. Sanchez , T. Schmader , T Schubert , D.K. Sherman , N. Sivanathan , J. Skowronski , E. Smith , G. Stasser , L. Thompson , L.Z. Tiedens , A. Todd , A. Todorov , Y. Trope , P. Valdesolo , T.K. Vescio , P. Visser , K. Vohs , D.T. Wegener , M. Weisbuch , T. West , C. Wheeler , B. Wojciszke , C. Zhong
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