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Aims & Scope

Geobios publishes bimonthly in English original peer-reviewed articles of international interest in any area of paleontology, paleobiology, paleoecology, paleobiogeography, (bio)stratigraphy and biogeochemistry. All taxonomic groups are treated, including microfossils, invertebrates, plants, vertebrates and ichnofossils.
Geobios welcomes descriptive papers based on original material (e.g. large Systematic Paleontology works), as well as more analytically and/or methodologically oriented papers, provided they offer strong and significant biochronological/biostratigraphical, paleobiogeographical, paleobiological and/or phylogenetic new insights and perspectices. A high priority level is given to synchronic and/or diachronic studies based on multi- or inter-disciplinary approaches mixing various fields of Earth and Life Sciences. Works based on extant data are also considered, provided they offer significant insights into geological-time studies.


Chercheurs en paléontologie

Abstracting and Indexing

Biological Abstracts, GeoSciTech, Geographical Abstracts, Pascal/INIST-CNRS, Research4Life (Hinari), Science Citation Index, ScienceDirect
Director: Pierre Hantzpergue Batiment Geode, Universite Claude-Bernard-Lyon I, 2 rue Raphael Dubois, 69622 Villuerbanne cedex, France, Editor-in-Chief: Gilles Escarguel (Université de Lyon1 - France), Associate Editors : Pierre-Olivier Antoine (Montpellier), Anne-Marie Bodergat (Lyon), Emmanuel Fara (Dijon), Fabienne Giraud (Grenoble), Bertrand Lefebvre (Lyon), Davide Olivero (Lyon), Marc Philippe (Lyon), F. Quillévéré (Lyon), Stéphane Reboulet (Lyon), Editors and Scientific Committee: Jorge Agusti (Barcelona, Espagne), Derek E. Briggs (Bristol, UK), Bruno David (Dijon, France), Howard R. Feldman (New York, USA), Hans Jahnke (Göttingen, Germany), Elvira Martin-Suarez (Granada, Sapin), Jean-Michel Mazin (Poitiers, France), Christian Meister (Geneva, Switzerland), Florentin Paris (Rennes, France), Giulio Pavia (Torino, Italy), Marie-France Perret (Toulouse, France), André Schaaf (Strasbourg, France), Thomas Servais (Villeneuve d'Ascq, France), Paul E. Smith (Vancouver, Canada), Susan Turner (South Brisbane, Australia), Editorial Committee: Patrick de Wever (MNHN, Paris, France), Philippe Janvier (MNHN, Paris, France), Jean Le Men (UBO, Brest, France), Jacques Michaux (UM II, Montpellier, France)
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