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Aims & Scope

Cognition is an international journal that publishes theoretical and experimental papers on the study of the mind. It covers a wide variety of subjects concerning all the different aspects of cognition, ranging from biological and experimental studies to formal analysis. Contributions from the fields of psychology, neuroscience, linguistics, computer science, mathematics, ethology and philosophy are welcome in this journal provided that they have some bearing on the functioning of the mind. In addition, the journal serves as a forum for discussion of social and political aspects of cognitive science.

Papers will be selected on the basis of their scientific quality and degree of innovation. A paper's theoretical relevance to cognition, overall soundness of the argument and degree of empirical motivation, especially from converging sources, are more important than adherence to specific methodological principles. Because Cognition enjoys a wide readership from many disciplines, authors should explicitly consider the general theoretical issues raised by their work and its relevance to other topics and methods. Material should be suited to the character of the Journal, and should describe work done and methods used in a clear and explicit manner (allowing reproduction of the methods by others).

Cognition occasionally publishes special issues devoted to a research area that has seen rapid recent progress, promising new approaches, and convergence among different disciplines.

• Full theoretical and experimental papers on the study of the mind
•Brief articles reporting original empirical findings, major theoretical advances or crucial developments that warrant rapid communication to the scientific community
•Proposals for special issues on a new and important area in the field
•Book reviews

Reviewers please refer to Editorial Policy on Reviewing for Cognition.

Cognition publishes many of the most important papers in cognitive science and is the premier international and interdisciplinary journal in the field. It is required reading for anyone who wishes to keep up to date in this exciting research area.


Psychologists, Linguists, Neuroscientists, Ethologists, Philosophers, Epistemologists, Experts in Artificial Intelligence.

Abstracting and Indexing

BIOSIS, Child Development Abstracts and Bibliography, Computer Abstracts, Current Contents/Social & Behavioral Sciences, EIC/Intelligence, EMBASE, Linguistic Bibliography (BLonline), Linguistic Inquiry, PsycINFO Psychological Abstracts, Scopus, Social Sciences Citation Index, Sociological Abstracts
Editor-in-Chief Gerry T. M Altmann Dept. of Psychology, University of York, Heslington, York, Y010 5DD, UK, Senior Associate Editor Steven Sloman Providence, RI, USA, Associate Editors Sian Beilock Chicago, IL, USA, Jean-Francois Bonnefon Toulouse Cedex 9, France, Andrew Hollingworth Iowa City, IA, USA, Scott Johnson Los Angeles, CA, USA, Albert Kim Boulder, CO, USA, Toben Mintz Los Angeles, CA, USA, Natalie Sebanz Budapest, Hungary, Editorial Board Daniel Ansari London, ON, Canada, Ian Apperly Birmingham, England, UK, Jennifer Arnold Chapel Hill, NC, USA, Richard N. Aslin Rochester, NY, USA, Renée Baillargeon Champaign, IL, USA, Dare Baldwin Eugene, OR, USA, Lawrence W. Barsalou Atlanta, GA, USA, Thomas G. Bever Tucson, USA, Paul Bloom New Haven, CT, USA, Elizabeth M. Brannon Durham, NC, USA, Susan Carey Cambridge, MA, USA, Charles E. Clifton Jr. Amherst, MI, USA, Albert Costa Barcelona, Spain, Gergely Csibra Budapest, Hungary, Markus Damian Bristol, England, UK, Gary Dell Champaign, IL, USA, Lisa Feigenson Baltimore, MD, USA, Jacob Feldman Piscataway, NJ, USA, Wim Fias Gent, Belgium, Martin Fischer Potsdam, Germany, Jozsef Fiser Waltham, MA, USA, Cynthia Fisher Champaign, IL, USA, Simon Garrod Glasgow, UK, Gareth Gaskell York, England, UK, Sylvia Gennari York, England, UK, Louann A. Gerken Tucson, AZ, USA, Iain Gilchrist Bristol, England, UK, Vittorio Girotto Venezia, Italy, Lila Gleitman Merion Station, PA, USA, Matthew Goldrick Evanston, IL, USA, Rebecca Gómez Tucson, AZ, USA, James Hampton London, UK, Edward Hubbard Gif-sur-Yvette, France, Marc Joanisse London, ON, Canada, Frank Keil New Haven, CT, USA, Barbara Landau Baltimore, MD, USA, Alejandro Lleras Champaign, IL, USA, Tania Lombrozo Berkeley, CA, USA, Andrew Lotto Tucson, AZ, USA, James Magnuson Storrs, CT, USA, Barbara Malt Bethlehem, PA, USA, Alec Marantz Ph.D. New York, NY, USA, Alex Martin Bethesda, MD, USA, Michael Masson Victoria, Canada, James McClelland Pittsburgh, PA, USA, Timothy McNamara Nashville, TN, USA, Jacques Mehler Trieste, Italy, Michele Miozzo New York, NY, USA, Shaun Nichols Tucson, AZ, USA, Padraig O'Seaghdha Bethlehem, PA, USA, Daniel Oppenheimer Princeton, NJ, USA, Daniel Osherson Princeton, NJ, USA, Aniruddh Patel San Diego, CA, USA, Douglas L. Rips Evanston, IL, USA, Jelena Ristic Santa Barbara, CA, USA, Ilana Ritov Jerusalem, Israel, Jenny Saffran New York, NY, USA, Laurie Santos New Haven, CT, USA, Christoph Scheepers Glasgow, UK, Niels Schiller Leiden, Netherlands, Michael Strevens New York, NY, USA, Jan Theeuwes Amsterdam, Netherlands, Michael Tomasello Leipzig, Germany, Michael Vitevitch Lawrence, KS, USA, Johan Wagemans Leuven, Belgium, Karen Wynn New Haven, CT, USA, Fei Xu Vancouver, BC, Canada, Eiling Yee San Sebastian, Spain, Jeff Zacks St. Louis, MO, USA, Rolf A. Zwaan Rotterdam, Netherlands, Editorial Associate Debbie Bowes Dept. of Psychology, University of York, Heslington, York, Y010 5DD, UK
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