Personal subscription to Chemical Resistance Database

Personal subscription to Chemical Resistance Database


Chemical Resistance of Plastics and Elastomers – online database

The Chemical Resistance Database from Elsevier and M-Base GmbH covers over 200 plastics and elastomers, and nearly 5,000 exposure media – and is now available online for the first time.

The database is designed to help users to make good decisions quickly – selecting the best materials in a wide range of design and manufacturing settings, across industry sectors from food, pharmaceuticals and medical devices to automotive, aerospace and electronics.

All the main commercial classes of plastic and elastomer are covered, with data showing how they interact with a wide range of different substances, encompassing chemical reagents, biological fluids and other exposure media, such as radiation.

Based on the classic handbook in the Plastics Design Library (PDL) series from William Andrew Publishing (an imprint of Elsevier Inc.), the new online version has been developed by the well known German materials database provider M-Base, and will be kept up-to-date by M-Base's engineers.

The purchase of Chemical Resistance will give you 12 months' access to the database.

The transaction on this website will generate an Access Code which you will enter the first time you log in to the website or app, in order to set up your User ID.

The creation of the User ID will start your 12 month access period.

At the end of 12 months, you will be able to continue your access to Chemical Resistance by purchasing another Access Code on this website.

Corporate subscriptions are also available via MyElsevier.com.

Please contact chemresist@elsevier.com with any enquiries about subscribing to the Chemical Resistance database.

Terms and Conditions:
Your access to Chemical Resistance database is granted for a period of twelve (12) months from the date your access code is used to create your user account. Access to and use of Chemical Resistance database is subject to and shall comply with the Chemical Resistance database Registered User Agreement.

Personal subscription to Chemical Resistance Database

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