Finite Element Methods: Accuracy and Improvement

Finite Element Methods: Accuracy and Improvement, 1st Edition

Finite Element Methods: Accuracy and Improvement, 1st Edition,Qun Lin,Jiafu Lin,ISBN9787030166562


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A reference to improve the accuracy of finite element methods.

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Key Features

* Masterly exposition of the accuracy and improvement of finite element methods, highlighting the postprocessing
* Emphasis on understanding of higher knowledge
* Accessible to students, engaging for experts and professionals
* Written by leading Chinese mathematicians, available internationally for the first time


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This book discusses the accuracy of various finite element approximations and how to improve them, with the help of extrapolations and super convergence's post-processing technique. The discussion is based on asymptotic expansions for finite elements and finally reduces to the technique of integration by parts, embedding theorems and norm equivalence lemmas. The book is also devoted to explaining the origin of theorems.


Mathematicians and graduate students in mathematics, physics, and engineering.

Qun Lin

Affiliations and Expertise

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; Professor, Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Jiafu Lin

Affiliations and Expertise

Academy of Mathematics and systems Science, the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Finite Element Methods: Accuracy and Improvement, 1st Edition

Euler's Algorithm and Finite Element Method; Function Spaces and Norm Equivalence Lemmas; From ð to Eigenvalue Computation of PDEs; Expansion of Integrals on Rectangular Elements; Expansion of Integrals on Triangle Elements; Quasi-super convergence and Quasi-expansion; Postprocessing

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