Cisco Security Specialists Guide to PIX Firewall

Cisco Security Specialists Guide to PIX Firewall, 1st Edition

Cisco Security Specialists Guide to PIX Firewall, 1st Edition, Syngress,ISBN9781931836630






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Key Features

Ø Coverage of the Latest Versions of PIX Firewalls. This book includes coverage of the latest additions to the PIX Firewall family including the CiscoSecure PIX Firewall (PIX) Software Release 6.0.
Ø Must-have desk reference for the serious security professional. In addition to the foundation information and dedicated text focused on the exam objectives for the CSPFA, this book offers real-world administration and configuration support. This book will not only help readers pass the exam; it will continue to assist them with their duties on a daily basis.
Ø Firewall administration guides? Syngress wrote the book. Syngress has demonstrated a proficiency to answer the market need for quality information pertaining to firewall administration guides. Configuring ISA Server 2000: Building Firewalls for Windows 2000 (ISBN: 1-928994-29-6) and Checkpoint Next Generation Security Administration (ISBN: 1-928994-74-1) are currently best sellers in the security market.


Cisco Security Specialist's Guide to PIX Firewall immerses the reader in the highly complicated subject of firewall implementation, deployment, configuration, and administration. This guide will instruct the reader on the necessary information to pass the CSPFA exam including protocols, hardware, software, troubleshooting and more.

Cisco Security Specialist's Guide to PIX Firewall introduces the basic concepts of attack, explains the networking principals necessary to effectively implement and deploy a PIX firewall, covers the hardware and software components of the device, provides multiple configurations and administration examples, and fully describes the unique line syntax native to PIX firewall configuration and administration.

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Cisco Security Specialists Guide to PIX Firewall, 1st Edition

The Adaptive Security Algorithm (ASA)
Advanced Protocol Handling
Basic PIX Commands
NAT, PAT, Static, Conduit, Failover and Stateful Failover
AAA Protocols and Configurations
Access Control List Definitions and Configurations Including Context Based Access Control
WebSENSE Configuration
Protocols and Configuration of FTP, RSH, and SQL *Net Traffic
Cisco Secure Integrated Software
Cisco PIX Device Manager
Certificate Authorities
Authentication and Cut-through Proxy Technologies
Support for IPSec and IPSec Configuration
Secure VPN Configuration
Cisco Secure ACS for Windows
Active Code Filtering Configuration
Cisco Secure Integrated Software
Cisco IOS Firewalls
Primary, Secondary, Active, and Standby levels for PIX
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