Configuring ISA Server 2000

Configuring ISA Server 2000, 1st Edition

Building Firewalls for Windows 2000

Configuring ISA Server 2000, 1st Edition, Syngress,ISBN9781928994299






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Key Features

* Up-to-date coverage of new products specific to Windows 2000
* Shows network administrators how to supply e-mail whilst maintaining network security
* Focuses on providing secure remote access to a network


Microsoft's flagship ISA Server delivers the Internet to your customers!
As the demand for Internet connectivity reaches a fever pitch, system administrators are being challenged to connect more and more systems to the Internet without compromising security or network performance. ISA Server 2000 provides system administrators with a revolutionary management infrastructure that addresses the two greatest needs of Enterprise-wide Internet connectivity: Security and speed.

Written by best-selling author of several MCSE 2000 study guides, this book will provide the system administrators with an in depth understanding of all the critiacl features of Microsoft's flag ship Internet Server. Configuring ISA Server 2000 shows network administrators how to connect a network to the Internet, maintain the connection, and troubleshoot remote users' hardware and software configuration problems.


Windows 2000 system administrators

Configuring ISA Server 2000, 1st Edition

Chapter 1 Introduction to Microsoft ISA Server What Is ISA Server Why “Security and Acceleration” Server The History of ISA: Microsoft Proxy Server ISA Server Options The Microsoft.Net Family of Enterprise Servers The Role of ISA Server in the Network Environment An Overview of ISA Server Architecture ISA Server Features Overview Firewall Security Features Web Caching Features Internet Connection-Sharing Features Unified Management Features Extensible Platform Features Who This Book Is For and What It Covers Summary Solutions Fast Track Frequently Asked Questions Chapter 2 ISA Server in the Enterprise Introduction Enterprise-Friendly Features Reliability Scalability Multiprocessor Support Network Load-Balancing Support Clustering Hierarchical and Distributed Caching Total Cost of Ownership Designing Enterprise Solutions General Enterprise Design Principles Planning Multiserver Arrays Understanding Multiserver Management Using Tiered Policy Understanding ISA Server Licensing Summary Solutions Fast Track Frequently Asked Questions Chapter 3 Security Concepts and Security Policies Introduction Security Overview Defining Basic Security Concepts Knowledge Is Power Think Like a Thief Security Terminology Addressing Security Objectives Controlling Physical Access Preventing Accidental Compromise of Data Preventing Intentional Internal Security Breaches Preventing Unauthorized External Intrusions and Attacks Recognizing Network Security Threats Understanding Intruder Motivations Classifying Specific Types of Attacks Categorizing Security Solutions Hardware Security Solutions Software Security Solutions Designing a Comprehensive Security Plan Evaluating Security Needs Understanding Security Ratings Legal Considerations Designating Responsibility for Network Security Designing the Corporate Security Policy Educating Network Users on Security Issues Incorporating ISA Server into Your Security Plan ISA Server Intrusion Detection Implementing a System-Hardening Plan with ISA Using SSL Tunneling and Bridging Summary Solutions Fast Track Frequently Asked Questions Chapter 4 ISA Server Deployment Planning and Design Introduction ISA Deployment: Planning and Designing Issues Assessing Network and Hardware Requirements System Requirements Software Requirements Processor Requirements Active Directory Implementation Mission-Critical Considerations Hard Disk Fault Tolerance Planning the Appropriate Installation Mode Installing in Firewall Mode Installing in Cache Mode Installing in Integrated Mode Planning for a Standalone or an Array Configuration Planning ISA Client Configuration Internet Connectivity and DNS Considerations Summary Solutions Fast Track Frequently Asked Questions Chapter 5 ISA Server Installation Introduction Installing ISA Server on a Windows 2000 Server Putting Together Your Flight Plan Performing the Installation Installing ISA Server: A Walkthrough Upgrading a Standalone Server to an Array Member: A Walkthrough Changes Made After ISA Server Installation Migrating from Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0 What Gets Migrated and What Doesn’t Upgrading Proxy 2.0 on the Windows 2000 Platform Upgrading a Proxy 2.0 Installation on Windows NT 4.0 Summary Solutions Fast Track Frequently Asked Questions Chapter 6 Managing ISA Server Introduction Understanding Integrated Administration The ISA Management Console ISA Wizards Performing Common Management Tasks Configuring Object Permissions Managing Array Membership Using Monitoring, Alerting, Logging, and Reporting Functions Creating, Configuring, and Monitoring Alerts Monitoring Sessions Using Logging Generating Reports Understanding Remote Administration Installing the ISA Management Console Using Terminal Services for Remote Management of ISA Summary Solutions Fast Track Frequently Asked Questions Chapter 7 ISA Architecture and Client Configuration Introduction Understanding ISA Server Architecture The Web Proxy Service The Firewall Service The Network Address Translation Protocol Driver The Scheduled Content Download Service ISA Server Services Interactions Configuration Changes and ISA Server Services Restarts Installing and Configuring ISA Server Clients The SecureNAT Client The Firewall Client The Web Proxy Client Autodiscovery and Client Configuration Summary Solutions Fast Track Frequently Asked Questions Chapter 8 Configuring ISA Server for Outbound Access Introduction Configuring the Server for Outbound Access Configuring Listeners for Outbound Web Requests Server Performance Network Configuration Settings Firewall Chaining: Routing SecureNAT and Firewall Client Requests Routing Web Proxy Client Requests Outbound PPTP Requests The Local Address Table Configuring the Local Domain Table Creating Secure Outbound Access Policy Creating and Configuring Policy Elements Creating Rules Based on Policy Elements Bandwidth Rules Site and Content Rules Protocol Rules IP Packet Filters Configuring Application Filters That Affect Outbound Access FTP Access Filter HTTP Redirector Filter SOCKS Filter Streaming Media Filter Understanding and Configuring the Web Proxy Cache Cache Configuration Elements Scheduled Content Downloads Summary Solutions Fast Track Frequently Asked Questions Chapter 9 Configuring ISA Server for Inbound Access Introduction Configuring ISA Server Packet Filtering How Packet Filtering Works Enabling Packet Filtering Creating Packet Filters Managing Packet Filters Supporting Applications on the ISA Server Publishing Services on Perimeter Networks Using Packet Filters Packet Filtering Options Application Filters That Affect Inbound Access DNS Intrusion Detection Filter Configuring the H.323 Filter POP Intrusion Detection Filter RPC Filter SMTP Filter Configuring the SMTP Message Screener Designing Perimeter Networks Limitations of Perimeter Networks Perimeter Network Configurations Tri-homed ISA Server Perimeter Networks Publishing Services on a Perimeter Network Bastion Host Considerations Summary Solutions Fast Track Frequently Asked Questions Chapter 10 Publishing Services to the Internet Introduction Types of Publishing Web Publishing Server Publishing Publishing Services on a Perimeter Network Web Server Publishing Preparing to Publish Web Publishing Walkthrough-Basic Web Publishing Publishing a Web Site on the ISA Server Web Publishing through Protocol Redirection Creative Publishing Using Destination Sets Secure Web Site Publishing Publishing Services Limitations of Server Publishing Rules Preparing for Server Publishing Server Publishing Walkthrough-Basic Server Publishing Publishing a Terminal Server Publishing a Web Server Using Server Publishing The H.323 Gatekeeper Service Gatekeeper-to-Gatekeeper Calling ILS Servers NetMeeting Clients on the Internet Configuring the Gatekeeper Managing the Gatekeeper Virtual Private Networking Configuring VPN Client Access Gateway-to-Gateway VPN Configuration Summary Solutions Fast Track Frequently Asked Questions Chapter 11 Optimizing, Customizing, Integrating, and Backing Up ISA Server Introduction Optimizing ISA Server Performance Establishing a Baseline and Monitoring Performance Addressing Common Performance Issues Customizing ISA Server Using the ISA Server Software Developer’s Kit Using Third-Party Add-ons Integrating ISA Server with Other Services Understanding Interoperability with Active Directory Understanding Interoperability with Routing and Remote Access Services Understanding Interoperability with Internet Information Server Understanding Interoperability with IPSecurity Integrating an ISA Server into a Windows NT 4.0 Domain Backing Up and Restoring the ISA Configuration Backup Principles Backing Up and Restoring Standalone Server Configurations Backing Up and Restoring Array and Enterprise Configurations Summary Solutions Fast Track Frequently Asked Questions Chapter 12 Troubleshooting ISA Server Introduction Understanding Basic Troubleshooting Principles Troubleshooting Guidelines Troubleshooting ISA Server Installation and Configuration Problems Hardware and Software Compatibility Problems Initial Configuration Problems Troubleshooting Authentication and Access Problems Authentication Problems Access Problems Dial-up and VPN Problems Troubleshooting ISA Client Problems Client Performance Problems Client Connection Problems Troubleshooting Caching and Publishing Problems Caching Problems Publishing Problems Summary Solutions Fast Track Frequently Asked Questions Appendix ISA Server 2000 Fast Track Index
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