Working Guide to Vapor-Liquid Phase Equilibria Calculations

Working Guide to Vapor-Liquid Phase Equilibria Calculations, 1st Edition

Working Guide to Vapor-Liquid Phase Equilibria Calculations, 1st Edition,Tarek Ahmed,ISBN9781856178266


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A step by step guide to the most important calculations that forms the bases for all subquient business decisions

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  • Includes explanations of formulas
  • Step by step calculations
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The Vapor-Liquid Phase Equilibria process is widely used for the distillation of petroleum and natural gas before it is transported to the refinery for final possessing. While simulation programs can provide some answers, the quality of the results obtained with these programs depends on the quality of the model parameters. Parameters which are derived using the calculations methods find in this book.


Petroleum Engineer, Reservoir Engineer, Production Engineer, Drilling Engineer, Completion Engineer, Operations Engineer, Drilling Manager, Operations Manager, Project Production Engineer, Project Reservoir Engineer


Working Guide to Vapor-Liquid Phase Equilibria Calculations, 1st Edition

Vapor Pressure; Equilibrium Ratios; Flash Calculations; Equilibrium Ratios For Real Solutions; Equilibrium Ratios For The Plus Fraction; Applications of The Equilibrium Ratio In Reservoir Engineering; Applications of The Equation Of State In Petroleum Engineering; Splitting and Lumping Schemes Of The Plus-Fraction

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