Hospital Emergency Response Teams

Hospital Emergency Response Teams, 1st Edition

Triage for Optimal Disaster Response

Hospital Emergency Response Teams, 1st Edition,Jan Glarum,Don Birou,Ed Cetaruk,ISBN9781856177016

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Practical and achievable answers to the dilemmas facing hospitals in times of disaster!

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Key Features

  • Common sense approach shows what really works, not what is theoretically achievable
  • Forms, checklists, and guidelines can be used to develop concrete response plans, validate existing operations, or simply expand knowledge base
  • The latest from OSHA, Joint Commission and NIMS (National Incident Management System)
  • Cross-disciplinary author team ensures material is appropriate for all member of this important collaboration


A hospital can continue to function during a disaster or terrorist attack if a Hospital Emergency Response Team (HERT) protects the facility by the establishing and staffing of an Emergency Treatment Area. For the first time, here is an entire text dedicated to developing a free-standing operational team capable of protecting the healthcare center and its employees. This unit, if properly designed, is mobile enough to operate at a remote site, offering services to less prepared facilities. Not only does the hospital gain operational capacity by creating such a team, it also goes a long way toward meeting JCAHO’s accreditation requirements.

This book covers information that in an emergency is crucial to emergency medical service personnel and hospital staff in the emergency department, nursing, clinician, and other technical or support positions. It is also required reading for community public safety personnel and those charged with community-level planning, allowing them to better understand hospital capabilities and needs in times of disaster.


Emergency medicine professionals and first responders; hospital security staff; community-level disaster planners. Researchers in public health and disaster management.

Jan Glarum

Mr. Glarum has 28 years of varied experience in the fields of response, planning, assessment and training. For the last 10 years he has worked extensively in the field provide consultation and instructional services on emergency response, hazard analysis, risk management, plan development, and counter-terrorism for a variety of civilian and military clients including public safety agencies, local, county, state and federal entities. In 2004 published Homeland Security Field Guide, a pocket reference for counter-terrorism and disaster planning and response.

Affiliations and Expertise

Emergency Response Consultant, Alcoa, TN, USA

Don Birou

Ed Cetaruk

Hospital Emergency Response Teams, 1st Edition

Chapter 1: Command and Control

Chapter 2: Assessment of Likely Mass Casualty Events and Potential Hospital Impact


Chapter 3: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Chapter 4: Emergency Treatment Area

Chapter 5: Triage Principles

Chapter 6: Decontamination

Chapter 7: Special Circumstances

Quotes and reviews

"...an excellent starting point for someone about to embark on the process of building a decontamination program in his or her facility."--Anjanette Hebert, Director of Security and Safety, Lafayette General Medical Center, Lafayette, LA
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