Nuclear Energy ebook Collection

Nuclear Energy ebook Collection, 1st Edition

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Nuclear Energy ebook Collection, 1st Edition,Gianni Petrangeli,Raymond Murray,Colin Bayliss,Galen Suppes,Elmer Lewis,Hideo Kozima,ISBN9780080949895

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*Six fully searchable titles on one CD providing instant access to the ULTIMATE library of engineering materials for nuclear energy professionals
*3500 pages of practical and theoretical nuclear energy information in one portable package.
*Incredible value at a fraction of the cost of the print books


Nuclear Energy ebook Collection contains 6 of our best-selling titles, providing the ultimate reference for every nuclear energy engineer’s library. Get access to over 3500 pages of reference material, at a fraction of the price of the hard-copy books.

This CD contains the complete ebooks of the following 6 titles:

Petrangeli, Nuclear Safety, 9780750667234
Murray, Nuclear Energy, 9780750671361
Bayliss, Nuclear Decommissioning, 9780750677448
Suppes, Sustainable Nuclear Power, 9780123706027
Lewis, Fundamentals of Nuclear Reactor Physics, 9780123706317
Kozima, The Science of the Cold Fusion Phenomenon, 9780080451107


Plant designers and radiation physicists; Nuclear and Materials Engineers, Managers and Technicians in the power-generation industries

Gianni Petrangeli

Affiliations and Expertise

Consultant to the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Association) and researcher for nuclear safety for the European Commission; member of the Faculty Council for the Doctorate in Nuclear and Industrial Safety, University of Pisa, Italy

Raymond Murray

Affiliations and Expertise

Nuclear Engineering Department, North Carolina State University, USA

Colin Bayliss

Affiliations and Expertise

United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA), Director of Major Projects

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Galen Suppes

Galen J. Suppes is a professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering of the University of Missouri, Columbia, USA. He received his B.S in Chemical Engineering from Kansas State University in 1985, and his Ph.D. from The Johns Hopkins University in 1989. He has also done Post-Doc Class Work at the University of Huston in 1991/92, and is author of over 120 documents, including peer reviewed articles, conference papers and scientific reports.

Affiliations and Expertise

Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, USA

View additional works by Galen J. Suppes

Elmer Lewis


Affiliations and Expertise

Northwestern University, Department Of Mechanical Engineering, Robert R. McCormick School of Eng. & Applied Science, Evanston, IL, USA

Hideo Kozima

Affiliations and Expertise

Shizuoka University, Japan

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