4. Forsthoffer's Rotating Equipment Handbooks

4. Forsthoffer's Rotating Equipment Handbooks, 1st Edition

Auxiliary Equipment

4. Forsthoffer's Rotating Equipment Handbooks, 1st Edition,William Forsthoffer,ISBN9781856174701


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* One of a five volume set which is the distillation of many years of on-site training by a well-known US Engineer who also operates in the Middle East.
* A Practical book written in a succinct style and well illustrated throughout.


Over recent years there have been substantial changes in those industries which are concerned with the design, purchase and use of special purpose (ie critical, high-revenue) rotating equipment. Key personnel have been the victims of early retirement or have moved to other industries: contractors and end-users have reduced their technical staff and consequently have to learn complex material 'from scratch'. As a result, many companies are finding that they are devoting unnecessary man hours to the discovery and explanation of basic principles, and having to explain these to clients who should already be aware of them. In addition, the lack of understanding by contractors and users of equipment characteristics and operating systems often results in a 'wrong fit' and a costly reliability problem.

Forsthoffer's Rotating Equipment Handbooks: Auxiliary Systems deals with types, function and application of each major system type, (lubrication, control, liquid and gas seal, cooling, buffer gas and pump flush) component selection and design of reservoirs, pump systems, control valves and instrumentation, coolers/filters and transfer valves, design audits and troubleshooting of systems and components, maintenance, key reliability indicators, system condition monitoring and much more.

Forsthoffer's Rotating Equipment Handbook: Auxiliary Systems is the forth title in the five volume set. The volumes are: 1. Fundamentals of Rotaing Equipment; 2. Pumps; 3. Compressors; 4. Auxiliary Systems; 5. Reliability Optimization through Component Condition Monitoring and Root Cause Analysis'.


Any company employing maintenance engineers and technicians, especially gas, oil, water, mining, chemical and other process industries.

William Forsthoffer

President of Forsthoffer and Associates USA

Affiliations and Expertise

President of Forsthoffer and Associates USA

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4. Forsthoffer's Rotating Equipment Handbooks, 1st Edition

Introduction and overview; Auxiliary system types and functions; The reasons for inherently low auxiliary system reliability; The development of an auxiliary system; Auxiliary system component design - the pumping unit; Component design control valves and instrumentation; Component design coolers, filters and transfer valves; Auxiliary system function summary; Auxiliary system specifications; System design audit and factory testing; Assuring and maintaining auxiliary sytem reliability; Lubrication systems overview and types; Compressor seal system overview and types; Seal system component design and preventive maintenance; Seal system - the contaminated seal oil drain system; Dry gas seal systems; Combined lube and seal systems; Separate lube and seal systems; Buffer gas system overview; Buffer gas system operation and preventive maintenance; Pump flush system overview; Pump single seal flush system; Pump tandem and double seal flush system; Converion to metric system; Index
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