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Seals and Sealing Handbook, 5th Edition

Seals and Sealing Handbook, 5th Edition,Robert Flitney,ISBN9781856174619


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9781856174619 New edition

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Every aspect of seals and sealing in one volume

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Wherever machinery operates there will be seals of some kind ensuring that the machine remains lubricated, the fluid being pumped does not leak, or the gas does not enter the atmosphere. Seals are ubiquitous, in industry, the home, transport and many other places. This 5th edition of a long-established title covers all types of seal by application: static, rotary, reciprocating etc. The book bears little resemblance to its predecessors, and Robert Flitney has re-planned and re-written every aspect of the subject. No engineer, designer or manufacturer of seals can afford to be without this unique resource.


Designers, manufacturers and end-users of seals throughout the following industries: pumps, motors, piping, filtration, oil, gas, water, process industries, hydraulic, pneumatic, marine, automotive and power generation. Plant and maintenance engineers, specifiers, consultants.

Robert Flitney

Robert Flitney is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer in the UK and a Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. His early engineering experience involved the operation and maintenance of power and process plants in the marine and frozen food industries. This was followed by 35 years of contract R&D on Fluid Sealing Technology at BHR Group, including 10 years managing this activity. He has authored or co-authored over 50 papers, presented at international conferences, has been invited to provide the keynote presentation at Sealing Seminars, and was Convenor of the ISO Working Group responsible for reciprocating seal test standards. His current activities include consultancy and training on seals and sealing technology, and he is Technical Editor of Sealing Technology, a monthly newsletter for industry.

Affiliations and Expertise

CEng. MIMechE

Seals and Sealing Handbook, 5th Edition

1. Introduction: general terms, typical application areas, comparison of seals and bearings, critical factors to control leakage
2. Static seals: Elastomer seal basics, O-Rings etc, Plastics, Fibrous gaskets, Metal Gaskets
3.Rotary Seals: Elastomer and plastic lip seals, higher pressure designs, special purpose types. Mechanical seals: traditional 'wet' seals, volume types and process seals, 'dry' seals, gas seals and their derivatives. Clearnce seals: Labyrinth, Visco, Brush seals etc. Packings: rotary applications, pumps etc.
4. Reciprocating seals: Elastomer and plastic: design, application, performance. Metal: piston rings etc. Clearance seals, segmented ring seals etc. Packings: application area, plunger pumps etc. Valve and pump packings
5. Materials: elastomers, plastics, mechanical seal materials, gasket materials.
Each section will also contain a beginner's failure guide plus a selection guide, giving +ve and -ve points for each seal type for a specific application
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