Profile of the International Filtration and Separation Industry

Profile of the International Filtration and Separation Industry, 5th Edition

Market Prospects to 2009

Profile of the International Filtration and Separation Industry, 5th Edition,Kenneth Sutherland,ISBN9781856174480


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"The total world sales of filtration and separation equipmentand spares are estimated at US$29.5 billion in 2003. Good growth is forecast to continue through to 2009, on the back of the expansion in China, and the fresh and wastewatersegment growth rates, with a CAGR of more than 6%." --Profile of the International Filtration and Separation Industry - Market Prospects to 2009, 5th Edition

This revised and updated 5th edition includes increased coverage on the strategic direction of the industry, plus it offers forecasts, analysis and comment on the filtration and separation industry to 2009.The study also outlines the structure of the global industry, assesses market and technological trends, offers market figures and forecasts to 2009 and identifies the major players.


Filtration and separation equipment manufacturers and distributors, media manufacturers and distributors, suppliers to the filtration and separation industry, corporate management, senior marketing management, business analysts, investment analysts, financial analysts, market forecasters, business development managers and mergers and acquisitions specialists

Kenneth Sutherland

Affiliations and Expertise

Managing Director, Northdoe Ltd., Reigate, Surrey, UK

Profile of the International Filtration and Separation Industry, 5th Edition

1. Introduction: 1.1 Summary of Contents; 1.2 Scope of Equipment; Coverage; 1.3 Scope of Numerical; Market Size Estimates; 1.4 Economic Overview; 1.4.1 Global Problems; Chapter 2 World Filtration and Separation Market:
2.1 Market Development; 2.1.1 Environmental Pressures; 2.1.2 International Presence; 2.1.3 Water Quality and
Availability; 2.1.4 Finer Separations; 2.1.5 Internal Demands; 2.2 Market Sizes and Forecasts; 2.2.1 Coverage of Estimates; 2.2.2 Exclusions; 2.2.3 Nature of Estimates; 2.3 Total World Market; 2.3.1 Global Estimates and
Forecasts; 2.3.2 Global Regions; 2.4 Regional Markets Review; 2.5 Europe; 2.5.1 Western Europe; Germany France; Italy; The United Kingdom; Spain and Portugal; Benelux; The Nordic Region; Austria and Switzerland; The Rest of Western; Europe; 2.5.2 Eastern Europe; Russia; Rest of Eastern Europe; 2.6 Asia; 2.6.1 Turkey and Middle East ;2.6.2 South Asia ;2.6.3 South East Asia; Singapore; 2.6.4 East Asia; China; Japan; South Korea; Taiwan; 2.7 Africa; 2.8 America; 2.8.1 North America; The USA; Canada; Mexico; 2.8.2 Central and South America; 2.9 Australasia; 2.9.1 Australia; 2.9.2 Rest of Australasia; 2.10 Filtration and Separation; Trade; Chapter 3 Main Market
Divisions: 3.1 Industry Overview; 3.2 Analysis by Particle Size; 3.3 Analysis by Nature of Fluid; 3.4 Analysis by Separation Purpose; 3.5 Analysis by Application Nature; 3.6 Filtration versus Sedimentation’ 3.7 Spare Parts Supply;
Chapter 4 Equipment End-Use Sector Analysis: 4.1 The Structure of the Marketplace; 4.1.1 Equipment Applications; ; 4.1.2 End-Use Sector; Classification; 4.1.3 End-User Sector Sizes; 4.1.4 Corporate Structure of the
Market; 4.2 End-User Market Size; Summary; 4.3.1 Extraction and Processing of Energy Materials; 4.3.2 Mining and Metals; Production 4.3.3 Food and Beverage Processing; 4.3.4 Wood Pulp and Paper Production; 4.3.5 The Chemicals Industries; Bulk Chemicals and Petrochemicals; Fine Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals; Biotechnology; 4.3.6 Rubber and Plastics Production; 4.3.7 Machinery Manufacture; 4.3.8 Electrical and Electronic
Equipment; 4.3.9 Transport Equipment and Systems; 4.3.10 Power Generation; 4.3.11 Fresh and Wastewater
Processing; 4.3.12 Domestic, Commercial and Institutional Uses; 4.3.13 Medical and Health Uses; 4.3.14 Other Sectors
Chapter 5 Equipment and Technology Overview; 5.1 Filtration and Separation Equipment Range; 5.2 Gravity Sedimentation Equipment; 5.3 Inertial and Centrifugal Sedimentation; 5.4 Screens; 5.5 Filter Media; 5.5.1 Nonwoven Media; 5.5.2 Membrane Media; 5.6 Demisters and Depth Filtration; 5.6.1 Filtration of Liquids; 5.6.2 Filtration of Gases;
5.7 Other Pressure Filtration; 5.7.1 Cake Filtration; 5.7.2 Thin-Layer Filtration; 5.8 Gravity and Vacuum Filtration;
5.9 Centrifugal Filtration; 5.10 Mechanical Pressure; 5.11 Other Force Fields; Chapter 6 The Structure of the
Filtration and Separation Industry: 6.1 Corporate Structure; 6.1.1 Equipment Choice; 6.1.2 Leading Companies in the Industry; 6.1.3 Marketing Support; 6.2 Market Consolidation; 6.2.1 Company Mergers and Acquisitions; 6.2.2 The Merger Scene; Chapter 7 Key Companies: 7.1 The Nature of the Filtration and Separation Industry: 7.1.1 AAF International; 7.1.2 Ahlstrom Corp; 7.1.3 Alfa Laval AB; 7.1.4 Andritz AG; 7.1.5 BBA Group plc; 7.1.6 NV Bekaert SA; 7.1.7 Brita GmbH; 7.1.8 Thomas Broadbent & Sons; Ltd; 7.1.9 BWT AG; 7.1.10 Calgon Carbon Corp; 7.1.11 Camfil Farr;
7 .1.12 CECO Environmental; 7.1.13 Clarcor Inc; 7.1.14 Cuno Inc; 7.1.15 Domnick Hunter Group plc; 7.1.16 Donaldson Co Inc; 7.1.17 Dover Corp; 7.1.18 Dow Chemical Co; 7.1.19 Fedders Corp; 7.1.20 Flanders Corp; 7.1.21 Fleetguard Inc; 7.1.22 Flottweg GmbH & Co KG; 7.1.23 Freudenberg & Co; 7.1.24 Fuji Filter Mfg Co Ltd; 7.1.25 Gamma Holding NV; 7.1.26 General Electric Co; 7.1.27 GEA AG; 7.1.28 G L & V (Groupe Laperrière; & Verreault Inc); 7.1.29 W. L. Gore & Associaties In; 7.1.30 Hayward Industrial; Products Inc; 7.1.31 Hollingsworth & Vose Co; 7.1.32 Ionics Inc; 7.1.33 ITT Industries Inc; 7.1.34 Koch Membrane Systems; Inc; 7.1.35 Larox Corp; 7.1.36 Lydall Corp; 7.1.37 Mann & Hummel Group; 7.1.38 Metso Corp; 7.1.39 MFRI Inc; 7.1.40 Millipore Corp; 7.1.41 Nitto Denko; 7.1.42 Norit BV; 7.1.43 Pall Corp
7.1.44 Parker Hannifin Corp; 7.1.45 Pentair Inc; 7.1.46 Polymer Group Inc; 7.1.47 Porvair Plc; 7.1.48 Sartorius AG; 7.1.49 SPX Corp; 7.1.50 Zenon Environmental Inc; Chapter 8 Directory; Chapter 9 Appendices
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