The Practical Pumping Handbook

The Practical Pumping Handbook, 1st Edition

The Practical Pumping Handbook, 1st Edition,Ross Mackay,ISBN9781856174107


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Key Features

Aids understanding of pumps to minimize failures and time-out.
A practical handbook covering the basics of the pumping process.
Written by an acknowledged expert.


This book is a practical account of pumping, piping and seals starting with basics and providing detailed but accessible information on all aspects of the pumping process and what can go wrong with it. Written by an acknowledged expert with years of teaching experience in the practical understanding of pumps and systems.


Plant engineers; maintenance managers and engineers; pump design engineers; pump application engineers and pump sales personnel.

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The Practical Pumping Handbook, 1st Edition

Centrifugal pumps, pump hydraulics, system hydraulics, suction conditions, pump selection and purchasing, stuffing box sealing, pump bearings, special applications, special pumps, pump installation & piping, troubleshooting, pump maintenance, fluid properties, friction loss tables, materials of construction

Quotes and reviews

"The real value of this book is how easy it is to read and understand. I have bought several copies for our Technicians in the mill, and it will be provided to individuals as they enter our Pump and Mechanical Seal training program."

David Djuric, Business Unit Leader, Maintenance Resource Services, Alberta Pacific Forest Industries Inc.

"This is an excellent and concise reference. Anyone responsible for pumping equipment should have a copy handy."

Kevin Delaney, Consulting Engineer
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