The International Cotton Trade, 1st Edition

The International Cotton Trade, 1st Edition,Julian Roche,ISBN9781855731042


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This book includes every aspect of the cotton trade, starting with the history and background, its growth and production patterns. It goes on to examine the international trade itself, the key players, recent trends, and a look at cotton prices, forecasting, and the factors that affect the cotton price. The author looks at end uses for cotton by analysing the garment industry as a whole and the competition for cotton. This is related to cotton consumption and the global economics of this commodity. The final chapter looks to the future and attempts to forecast trends for the industry over the coming years.


Producers, traders, brokers, institutional investors, and students

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The International Cotton Trade, 1st Edition

History and background of cotton; The growing of cotton; The genetics of cotton; World cotton production; World cotton consumption.
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