Information Literacy, 1st Edition

Recognising the Need

Information Literacy, 1st Edition,ISBN9781843342434

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Key Features

  • Papers written by renowned experts in the field of information literacy
  • Highlights a variety of topical issues - both practical and theoretical
  • Gives a useful overview of information literacy for those previously unfamiliar with this aspect of teaching and learning


This set of conference proceedings derives from the Information Literacy: Recognising the Need conference at Staffordshire University, 17 May 2006. The papers in this book discuss key themes in information literacy and have been written by several renowned experts in the field. Information literacy is not just about finding information: it is a true catalyst for educational change. It enables independent lifelong learning. These papers consider the position of information literacy in the higher education arena, how students bewitched by easy internet searching can be engaged in the learning process and how information professionals and academic colleagues might move in partnership towards the information literate university.


Information professionals and lecturers within higher education

Information Literacy, 1st Edition

  • Background to the conference
    • Information literacy: recognising the need
    • Their themes include
  • Information literacy: recognising the need - an introduction
    • Context
    • What is Information Literacy?
    • Why is Information Literacy important now?
    • The higher education context: e-learning, PDP and the quality agenda
    • Information literacy: reviewing our position
  • Information Literacy: the new “pedagogy of the question”?
    • Abstract
    • Introduction
    • Empowering the learner through the pedagogy of the question
    • Information literacy, a profound educational issue
    • From institutions for teaching to institutions of learning?
  • Developing a Community of Practice: The Newcastle Information Literacy Project
    • Introduction
    • Methodology
    • Pick and Mix approach
    • Development through process - the Information Literacy Forum
    • Pedagogical infrastructure
    • Institutional embedding
    • Conclusion
  • Providing for the next generation: adopting interactive whiteboards in information literacy training
  • Keeping up with the Google generation: the challenge for Information Literacy teachers
    • Abstract
    • Introduction
    • The Net Generation students
    • Google and Google Scholar
    • Metasearch
    • How does this affect Information Literacy?
    • Effects on teaching of Information Literacy
    • Conclusion
  • Information overload and the re-invention of brutality: a systemic view of information literacy
    • Abstract
  • Working towards the Information Literate University
    • Introduction
    • What do we mean by the Information Literate University?
    • Academics and the ILU
    • Librarians and the ILU
    • Towards the ILU
    • Appendix 1
  • Reflections on the ‘Information Literacy: recognising the need’ conference at Staffordshire University, 17th May 2006
    • Acknowledgment
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