Information Security Risk Assessment Toolkit

Information Security Risk Assessment Toolkit, 1st Edition

Practical Assessments through Data Collection and Data Analysis

Information Security Risk Assessment Toolkit, 1st Edition,ISBN9781597497350





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Practical, achievable and sustainable information security risk assessment methodology.


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Key Features

    • Based on authors’ experiences of real-world assessments, reports, and presentations
    • Focuses on implementing a process, rather than theory, that allows you to derive a quick and valuable assessment
    • Includes a companion web site with spreadsheets you can utilize to create and maintain the risk assessment


    In order to protect company’s information assets such as sensitive customer records, health care records, etc., the security practitioner first needs to find out: what needs protected, what risks those assets are exposed to, what controls are in place to offset those risks, and where to focus attention for risk treatment. This is the true value and purpose of information security risk assessments.  Effective risk assessments are meant to provide a defendable analysis of residual risk associated with your key assets so that risk treatment options can be explored.  Information Security Risk Assessments gives you the tools and skills to get a quick, reliable, and thorough risk assessment for key stakeholders.


    Information Security Officers, IT Auditors, IT Professionals, Chief Information Officers, Privacy Officers, Risk Officers, IT Enterprise Architects

    Information Security Risk Assessment Toolkit, 1st Edition

    Chapter 1: Information Security Risk Assessments

    Chapter 2: A Practical Approach

    Chapter 3:  Data Collection

    Chapter 4: Data Analysis

    Chapter 5:  Risk Assessment

    Chapter 6: Risk Prioritization and Treatment

    Chapter 7:  Reporting

    Chapter 8: Maintenance and Wrap Up

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