Securing the Cloud, 1st Edition

Cloud Computer Security Techniques and Tactics

Securing the Cloud, 1st Edition,Vic (J.R.) Winkler,ISBN9781597495929






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The first book that helps you secure your information while taking part in the time and cost savings of cloud computing!

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Key Features

  • Named The 2011 Best Identity Management Book by InfoSec Reviews
  • Provides a sturdy and stable framework to secure your piece of the cloud, considering alternate approaches such as private vs. public clouds, SaaS vs. IaaS, and loss of control and lack of trust
  • Discusses the cloud's impact on security roles, highlighting security as a service, data backup, and disaster recovery
  • Details the benefits of moving to the cloud-solving for limited availability of space, power, and storage


As companies turn to burgeoning cloud computing technology to streamline and save money, security is a fundamental concern. Loss of certain control and lack of trust make this transition difficult unless you know how to handle it. Securing the Cloud discusses making the move to the cloud while securing your piece of it! The cloud offers flexibility, adaptability, scalability, and in the case of security—resilience. This book details the strengths and weaknesses of securing your company's information with different cloud approaches. Attacks can focus on your infrastructure, communications network, data, or services. The author offers a clear and concise framework to secure your business' assets while making the most of this new technology.


Network and Security IT staff and management responsible for design, implementation and management of IT structures from admins to CSOs, CTOs, CIOs and CISOs.

Vic (J.R.) Winkler

Vic (J.R.) Winkler is a Senior Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton, providing technical consultation to U.S. Government clients. He is a published InfoSec and cyber security researcher as well as an expert in intrusion/anomaly detection.

Affiliations and Expertise

Vic (J.R.) Winkler is a Senior Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton, providing technical consultation to U.S. Government clients. He is a published InfoSec and cyber security researcher as well as an expert in intrusion/anomaly detection.

Securing the Cloud, 1st Edition



About the Author

About the Technical Editor


Chapter 1. Introduction to Cloud Computing and Security

Chapter 2. Cloud Computing Architecture

Chapter 3. Security Concerns, Risk Issues, and Legal Aspects

Chapter 4. Securing the Cloud: Architecture

Chapter 5. Securing the Cloud: Data Security

Chapter 6. Securing the Cloud: Key Strategies and Best Practices

Chapter 7. Security Criteria: Building an Internal Cloud

Chapter 8. Security Criteria: Selecting an External Cloud Provider

Chapter 9. Evaluating Cloud Security: An Information Security Framework

Chapter 10. Operating a Cloud


Quotes and reviews

"With so much buzz around Cloud Computing, books like this one written by Winkler are much in demand. Winkler’s experience in the computing business shines through and as readers we are spoiled with a great deal of useful strategic information  jam packed almost 300 page volume on securing the cloud. As a former pre-sales engineer, what I loved most about this book was the obvious hands-on strategic and technical experience that Winkler bought to every aspect of it. It is really a practitioner’s guide to cloud computing security. I appreciated the descriptive figures, the tips, the warnings, the notes, the tools, the stories of failures and successes but most of all the comprehensive nature of the real world descriptions."--Computers & Security

"Securing the Cloud is the most useful and informative of all the books published to date on cloud security. If you are going to procure a cloud solution, or are already operating a cloud system, I would strongly recommend that you buy a copy."--Best Identity Management Book by InfoSecReviews Book Awards

"The author states this book will be a practical resource for anyone who is considering using, building or securing a cloud implementation, including infrastructure engineers, integrators, security architects, right up to execute-level management. The challenge with such a broad audience is pitching the text at the right level; I suspect some security professionals and executives may find the book far too detailed …. In the final chapter the author covers the operational aspects of managing a secure cloud. Overall a fairly technical but effective book, although perhaps a little too in-depth for execute-level management"

"Overall, this book is effective in delivering its message. However, it is very technical in nature; readers should be aware that it is more than a basic level text for understanding the requirements to be considered in securing cloud computing networks."--Security"[Winkler] – who has an impressive background in security, including at government level – makes a valiant attempt to cover the challenges that face them…The book doesn’t so much as tell you how to do it as provide a generic blueprint detailing all the factors you’ll need to consider to make safe use of cloud services…What [Winkler] does successfully is create a document against which you can judge your own policies and strategies. There are so many facets to cloud computing – and particularly to securing it – that it’s easy to overlook something important. With this book, you can evaluate your plans and see where the gaps are."

"provides the reader with a good overview of what you need to do to ensure that your cloud-based infrastructure provides you with an adequate level of security…The booked is written for those who need a good high-level framework in which to design security around their cloud initiatives. The author provides many real-world examples of how you can implement the various scenarios he details. This makes some of the more abstract concepts a bit easier to understand."--Ben Rothke: Security Reading Room

"Overall, Winkler’s book certainly achieves its goal, that is to ‘help one facilitate the design, deployment and secure using of a cloud.’ The work confirms that even advanced issues may be presented and explained in a transparent and comprehensible way. The author manages to guide a reader through all steps in cloud computing, from implementation or choice of a service provider to efficient protection of a user’s data. This book is highly recommended to network engineers but may also be worth reading for anyone interested in cloud computing."-- IEEE Communications September 2011, p. 20

"This comprehensive guide to security concerns and best practices for cloud computing and cloud services provides practical advice for assessing security risks in remote infrastructure and applications and implementing security standards both in the design of new cloud products and the use of existing services. Topics discussed include cloud computing architectures, risk issues and legal topics, data security, internal and external clouds, information security frameworks and operational guidelines. Chapters include summaries, numerous illustrations and organizational charts, tables and sidebars. Winkler works for Booz Allen Hamilton, a security consulting firm working for the US government."--SciTech Book News

"Securing the Cloud might be the very first considerably technical book that I read as if it were a novel, and I attribute that to the author's great writing. He doesn't complicate what is simple, and has a way of simplifying complex concepts that makes for some very easy reading."

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