Understanding Crime

Understanding Crime, 1st Edition

A Multidisciplinary Approach

Understanding Crime, 1st Edition,Susan Guarino-Ghezzi,A. Treviño,ISBN9781593459666





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Key Features

  • Chapters include boxed inserts and photos.
  • Each chapter is followed by Commentary written by respected researchers and writers in the field.


Explores the interdisciplinary nature and potential of the field of criminology, covering the fields of sociology, economics, psychology, biology, philosophy and religious studies. The conclusion demonstrates various theoretical approaches for policy development and discusses opportunities for incorporating academic contributions into the political process.

Susan Guarino-Ghezzi

Affiliations and Expertise

Stonehill College

A. Treviño

Affiliations and Expertise

Wheaton College

Understanding Crime, 1st Edition

1. Introduction: A Multidisciplined Approach to Crime

2. Sociological Perspectives on Crime

3. Economics and Crime

4. Psychological Perspectives on Crime

5. Biological Perspectives on Crime

6. Philosophy and Crime

7. Religious Studies and Crime

8. Conclusion: Toward an Interdisciplinary Understanding of Crime

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