Crime Control, Politics and Policy

Crime Control, Politics and Policy, 2nd Edition

Crime Control, Politics and Policy, 2nd Edition,Peter Benekos,Alida Merlo,ISBN9781593453473





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  • Includes tables, photos and discussion questions.


This book reviews concepts, information and points of view that help to explain the context and constraints of the criminal justice system. The chapters summarize developments in public policy and crime control, and interweave themes central to the discussion: the impact of ideology, the role of the media, and the politicization of crime and criminal justice.

Peter Benekos

Affiliations and Expertise

Mercyhurst College

Alida Merlo

Affiliations and Expertise

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Crime Control, Politics and Policy, 2nd Edition

1. Dynamics of Criminal Justice

2. Police: Maintaining a Delicate Balance

3. The Court Conundrum: Confronting the Consequences of Policy

4. Punishment and Prisons: Correctional Policy in Crisis

5. Juvenile Justice: Deconstructing Adolescence and Dismantling the Juvenile Court

6. Criminal Justice Policy: The Legacy of Get-Tough Legislation

7. Changing Course

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