Controversies in Policing

Controversies in Policing, 1st Edition

Controversies in Policing, 1st Edition,Quint Thurman,Andrew Giacomazzi,ISBN9781583605523





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  • Chapter review questions provide an opportunity to synthsize the material from the chapters.


This book of original essays presents controversial topics, then encourages the readers to consider what they think ought to be done. The selections identify several of the existing issues in policing about which something needs to be done; then, they present various viewpoints on possible solutions. This is done against the backdrop of an era of significant change in worldwide security, post-9/11, that has caused major changes in the manner in which the U.S. conducts its political, social and economic affairs.

Quint Thurman

Affiliations and Expertise

Texas State University - San Marcos

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Andrew Giacomazzi

Affiliations and Expertise

Boise State University

Controversies in Policing, 1st Edition

Section I: Setting the Stage -- Policing before and after 9/11

1. Controversies in Policing before September 11, 2001

2. The Order vs. Freedom Debate after September 11, 2001

Section II: The Role of the Police in a Democratic Society

3. Policing in the Age of Terrorism

4. Community Policing: Is it Really Soft on Crime?

5. Police Culture in a Changing Multicultural Environment

Section III: Operational Issues in Policing

6. Police Use of Deadly Force

7. Racial Profiling

8. "As Time Goes By:" The Expansion of Women’s Roles in Police Work

Section IV: EThical Issues and Police Deviance

9. Ethical Issues in Policing

10. Police Officers, Excessive Force, and Civil Liability

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