The Nucleosome, 1st Edition

The Nucleosome, 1st Edition,A.P. Wolffe,ISBN9781559389402

A Wolffe   

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This is the first in a series of volumes concerning the properties of the eukaryotic nucleus. Contributions from several of the most active laboratories are brought together to present a focused overview of a selected aspect of nuclear structure and function.

A.P. Wolffe

Affiliations and Expertise

Laboratory of Molecular Embryology, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, Bethesda, MD, USA

The Nucleosome, 1st Edition

Contents. List of Contributors. Preface (A.P. Wolffe). PART I: Nucleosome Structure and Assembly. Histone and DNA Contributions to Nucleosome Structure (D. Pruss, J.J. Hayes, and A.P. Wolffe). Histone Acetylation during Chromatin Replication and Nucleosome Assembly (A.T. Annunziato). PART II : Transcription Factor Interaction with Nucleosomes. Manipulating Chromatin Structure to Study the Interaction of Transcription Factors with Nucleosomes IN VITRO and IN VIVO (R.H. Morse). Mechanisms and Consequences of Transcription Factor Binding to Nucleosomes (P.P. Walter, M.V. Dadey, J. Cote, C.C. Adams, L.J. Juan, R. Utley, and J.L. Workman). Nucleosome Positioning by a Yeast Repressor Complex (S.Y. Roth). PART III: Transcriptional Activation from Nucleosomal Templates. Modulation of Transcription Factor Access and Activity at the MMTV Promoter IN VIVO (T.K. Archer and J.S. Mymryk). Heat Shock Factor Potentiates the Promoter Chromatin Structure of the Yeast HSP90 Genes (D.S. Gross). PART IV: Molecular Machines that Interact with Nucleosomes. The SWI/SNF Protein Machine: Helping Transcription Factors Contend with Chromatin-Mediated Repression (C.L. Peterson). Transcription through the Nucleosome (D.J. Clark). Index.
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