Microsoft Outlook 2007 Programming

Microsoft Outlook 2007 Programming, 1st Edition

Jumpstart for Power Users and Administrators

Microsoft Outlook 2007 Programming, 1st Edition,Sue Mosher,ISBN9781555583460


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235 X 191

Appropriate for new or power users, this book features all concepts and programming available with Outlook E12!

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Key Features

*Dozens of new programming objects detailed including views, rules, categories, searches

*No previous coding experience or additional development tools required

*Examples outline issues using real-world functionality


Microsoft Outlook is the most widely used e-mail program and offers the most programmability. Sue Mosher introduces key concepts for programming Outlook using Visual Basic for Applications, custom Outlook forms, and external scripts, without the need for additional development tools.

For those who manage Outlook installations, it demonstrates how to use new features in the Outlook 2007 programming model such as building scripts that can create rules and views and manage categories. Power users will discover how to enhance Outlook with custom features, such as the ability to process incoming mail and extract key information. Aimed at the non-professional programmer, it also provides a quick guide to Outlook programming basics for pro developers who want to dive into Outlook integration.


Systems and Network administrators, applications developers and power users.

Sue Mosher

Sue Mosher is the author of six previous books on Microsoft Outlook and Exchange and maintains a web site at http://www.outlookcode.com devoted to helping programmers at all skill levels take advantage of Outlook’s extensibility. Her company, Turtleflock LLC, helps organizations get the most out of Outlook and other Microsoft Office products, providing custom application development and other support. Sue has been recognized by Microsoft with a Most Valuable Professional award every year since 1994. Sue is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the College of William and Mary, currently residing in Arlington, Virginia.

Affiliations and Expertise

Author of several Microsoft Outlook and Exchange books and President, Turtleflock, Arlington, VA, USA

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Microsoft Outlook 2007 Programming, 1st Edition

Chapter 1: What you can do with Outlook?
PART I: Basic Outlook VBA Design
Chapter 2: The VBA Design Environment
Chapter 3: Building Your First VBA Form
PART II: Basic Outlook Form Design
Chapter 4: Introducing Outlook Forms
Chapter 5: Introducing Form Regions
Chapter 6: Extending Form Design with Fields and Controls
PART III: Writing VBA and VBScript Code
Chapter 7: Code Basics
Chapter 8: Code Grammar 101
Chapter 9: Handling Errors, Testing and Debugging
PART IV: Fundamental Outlook Coding Techniques
Chapter 10: Outlook Programming Basics
Chapter 11: Responding to Outlook Events in VBA
Chapter 12: Responding to Events in Outlook Forms
Chapter 13: Working with Stores, Explorers, and Folders
Chapter 14: Working with Inspectors, Items, and Item Properties
Chapter 15: Working with Recipients and Address Lists
Chapter 16: More Item Techniques
Chapter 17: Working with Attachments
PART V: Extended Outlook Form Design
Chapter 18: More Control Techniques
Chapter 19: Common Outlook Form Techniques
Chapter 20: Deploying and Managing Outlook Forms
Chapter 21: Building Form-based Workflows
Chapter 22: Working with Files and Other Objects
Chapter 23: Common Outlook Administrator Scripting Tasks
Chapter 24: Menus, Toolbars, and the Navigation Pane
Chapter 25: Generating Reports on Outlook Data
Chapter 26: Working with Exchange and Databases
Appendix A: Other Resources
Appendix B: Concepts for Professional Developers
Appendix C: Key Procedures You Can Reuse
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