CRM, 1st Edition

Redefining Customer Relationship Management

CRM, 1st Edition,Jeffrey Peel,ISBN9780080503448


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Key Features

· Defines the nature of new CRM niche solutions
· Provides entirely new types of functionality that mesh seamlessly
· Describes solutions focused solely on the needs of the customer


In CRM, Jeffrey Peel defines Customer Relationship Management in a radical new way by putting communications at the center. In the past, CRM was mostly about the technology, not about the customer. In this book, Peel talks about a new ethos that is beginning to fundamentally change the way organizations do business. At a technology level, CRM is increasingly about conjoined best-of-breed applications delivered via portal technologies. At a business level, it is beginning to invade traditional territories occupied by brand management or customer support. Peel shows companies how to make the shift to the new paradigm.


Senior IT, Customer Service, Marketing and General Business Management, CFOs. Also technical specialists and business/IT students.

Jeffrey Peel

Jeffrey Peel runs his own CRM and marketing consultancy practice, Quadriga Consulting, based in the UK. He has had a varied career in CRM, marketing research, and technology marketing. He was VP of Global Marketing for a European CRM software start-up (Amacis Ltd) and Head of Marketing Communications for a Division of 3Com Corp. He has also held senior IT research roles at Roper Starch in Princeton, NJ (now part of NOP) and Research International in London (part of marketing services giant WPP Group).

Affiliations and Expertise

Owner, CRM and marketing consultancy practice, Quadriga Consulting, based in the UK.

CRM, 1st Edition

The New Customer Challenge; CRM Technology and CRM: The Need for a Communication-Centric Approach; The Analyst's View of CRM; The Application Revolution and Its Implications for CRM; Analytical CRM; Dot-Com CRM Red Herrings and Introducing CMR (and DCM); A Role for Marketing-Oriented CRM Technologies; Selecting Vendor Solutions; Defining CRM Processes; A Researched Approach to CRM; Conclusion; Glossary; Vendor Directory; About the Author; Index

Quotes and reviews

"I have long maintained that in a global market liberalized by free trade policies and advanced communications technology, there remains just one powerful regulatory force—the customer. In this book, Jeffrey Peel has taken a close look at customer relationship management from the perspective of large distributed companies. This is a novel approach, not really covered by dot-com/IT-based definitions. The refreshing difference is that Peel appears to understand the difficulties and suggests practical methods to do things better."—Lord Marshall of Knightsbridge, Chairman, British Airways Plc

"In this book, Jeff Peel combines the deep insights of an experienced market researcher with the practical understanding of how technology can be applied to CRM to provide a truly original work. He provides a wholly new focus on how CRM impinges on marketing processes, which provides a particular challenge for marketeers and CRM practitioners to review the way they look at their separate disciplines. This book is for those marketeers, CRM practitioners, students, and academics who want to challenge the established preconceptions of what CRM is about."—Peter Hutton, Deputy Managing Director, Market & Opinion Research International (MORI), London
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