OpenVMS System Management Guide

OpenVMS System Management Guide, 2nd Edition

OpenVMS System Management Guide, 2nd Edition,Lawrence Baldwin,Steve Hoffman,David Miller,ISBN9781555582432

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Key Features

· OpenVMS administration best practices and utilities
· System management strategies that support business objectives
· Updated references to latest HP documents and other WWW resources
· New chapter summarizing software installation
· New appendix to help the hobbyist get started


OpenVMS System Management Guide, Second Edition, the most complete book on the topic, details for system administrators the tools, technologies, and techniques by which they can configure, maintain, and tune computers running Hewlett-Packard's high-performance OpenVMS operating system. Revised by a topical authority and a principal OpenVMS engineer, the book enables system administrators to perform more efficiently and effectively those everyday tasks critical to an OpenVMS system. Examples have been updated to include OpenVMS/VAX 7.3 and OpenVMS/Alpha 7.3-1.


OpenVMS system managers and administrators; also system designers and developers

Lawrence Baldwin

Lawrence Baldwin is Chief Forensics Officer of myNetWatchman.com, a network analysis and internet security consultancy based in Atlanta, Georgia. He is the author of the OpenVMS System Management Guide (Digital Press, 1996).

Affiliations and Expertise

Chief Forensics Officer, myNetWatchman.com, Atlanta, GA

Steve Hoffman

Affiliations and Expertise

Senior Member of Technical Staff in the OpenVMS Engineering Group at Hewlett-Packard Company in Nashua, New Hampshire

David Miller

David Donald Miller is currently employed at Raytheon Systems in Tucson, AZ, as a Principal Software Engineer. For more than 15 years he was a computer science professor at Bemidji State University (in Bemidji, MN), where he created and managed an OpenVMS cluster laboratory. Mr. Miller also has 20 years of aerospace experience in various software engineering positions. He is the author of OpenVMS Operating System Concepts from Digital Press, and is currently at work with Steve Hoffman on the second edition of Lawrence Baldwin’s OpenVMS System Management Guide, forthcoming from Digital Press.

Affiliations and Expertise

Principal Software Engineer, Raytheon Systems, Tuscon, AZ

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OpenVMS System Management Guide, 2nd Edition

Professional System Management; Site Configuration; System Configuration; Booting OpenVMS; System-Startup Procedures; System Shutdown; License Management; Queue Management; Managing User Accounts; Disk-Space Management; Login Command Procedures; Automating System Management; OpenVMS BACKUP/RESTORE Considerations; OpenVMS Support and Documentation; OpenVMS Integrity Monitoring; OpenVMS MAIL Management; OpenVMS Security Management; OpenVMS Performance Management; OpenVMS Network Management; Installing OpenVMS Software.
Appendeces: Tips for the Hobbyist; OpenVMS Site Guide; Console Summary and Hardware Characteristics; OpenVMS Privileges; Sample OpenVMS Command File Tools; Digital/Compaq/HP Manuals.

Quotes and reviews

"This book covers not only included OpenVMS commands and utilities, but also automation tools that are not supplied as part of OpenVMS. Users new to system management will find the sections on console details, startup, shutdown, software installation, and licensing particularly helpful. Even experienced system managers can use this book to check against their own practices or as a reference."—Michael D. Duffy, OpenVMS software engineer.

"This book is much more than a technical guide to managing OpenVMS systems. It covers key OpenVMS system management concepts in a form that describes what operations need to be performed, why they need to be performed, and the commands used to perform them."—Gaitan D'Antoni, Technical Architect for Application Development Technology , HP OpenVMS Systems Group
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