M Programming: A Comprehensive Guide

M Programming: A Comprehensive Guide, 1st Edition

M Programming: A Comprehensive Guide, 1st Edition,Richard Walters,ISBN9781555581671


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Key Features

· Includes section on advanced programming
· Completely updated for the 1995 standard


M Programming: A Comprehensive Guide is a complete update to ABCs of MUMPS. While ABCs of MUMPS was an introduction for novice and intermediate M programmers, M Programming: A Comprehensive Guide has a new section containing advanced material. This new section addresses features such as transaction processing, networking, structured system variables, and interfaces to other standards. Five new chapters have been added, covering an overview of M for readers familiar with other languages; M and the Windows environment; interaction between M and the underlying system; transaction processing; interfacing M with other standards; and error handling. Sections on interactive programming and futures have been extensively updated. M Programming: A Comprehensive Guide is an invaluable resource for everyone who is learning or using M.

Richard Walters

Affiliations and Expertise

Professor in the Department of Computer Science, University of California at Davis

M Programming: A Comprehensive Guide, 1st Edition

Part I: A Brief Introduction to Computers*Introduction to M*Basic Components of M*Operations on Numeric Values*Logical Operators, Comparison*Operations on Strings*Introduction to M Commands*Command Lines and Conditional Tests*Routine Structure and Execution Flow Control*Program Structure*Local Arrays*Global Variables*External Communication: Files and Devices*Some Special Features of M*Indirection: Dynamic Reference Modification for Execution Control and Data Management*Access Control of Local Variables*Implementation-Specific Components of MS*An Applications Example* A Course-Grading Package*Part II: An Overview of M For the Experienced Programmer*M Interaction with the Operating System*Transaction Processing*M Windows Application Programming Environment*M Interaction With Other Standards*Error Handling in M*The Future of M
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