Polyvinyl Fluoride

Polyvinyl Fluoride, 1st Edition

Technology and Applications of PVF

Polyvinyl Fluoride, 1st Edition,Sina Ebnesajjad,ISBN9781455778850


William Andrew




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PVF is well established as a material with a high level of resistance to corrosion, with major applications including photovoltaic solar panels and flame-retardant coatings for aircraft. World-renowned fluoropolymers authority, Dr Sina Ebnesajjad has written the first published title on PVF to provide guidance and reference data for engineers and scientists involved in using PVF in their products, evaluating the potential of PVF, and engaged in R&D work including polymer design and production.

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Key Features

Complete guide to the applications of polyvinyl fluoride in photovoltaics, aerospace, signage, etc.

• Technology guide for processing and fabrication of PVF films.

• Reference for properties and characteristics of PVF films

• The only book available that focuses on PVF - properties, processing and applications


The commercial PVF film Tedlar® was first trademarked by DuPont 50 years ago. Since that time it has established itself as a polymer with excellent resistance to sunlight degradation (UV resistance), thermal stability, chemical attack, water absorption, and solvents. These properties, together with a high solar energy transmittance rate, have led to it becoming established worldwide as the number one choice for the backsheets of photovoltaic solar panels, and a fire-retardent coating used in aircraft.

This book is the first and only handbook that describes polyvinyl fluoride preparation, technology, processing, fabrication and applications - making it essential reading for engineers and scientists working in industry sectors where PVF is utilized.


Design engineers, manufacturing engineers

Sectors: coatings, microelectronics, aerospace, construction and architecture, solar energy, automotive, packaging industry, environmental, signs and awnings, graphics.

Sina Ebnesajjad

Sina Ebnesajjad is the series editor of Plastics Design Library (PDL) published in the William Andrew imprint of Elsevier. This Series is a unique series, comprising technology and applications handbooks, data books and practical guides tailored to the needs of practitioners. Sina was the editor-in-chief of William Andrew Publishing from 2005 to 2007, which was acquired by Elsevier in 2009. He retired as a Senior Technology Associate in 2005 from the DuPont fluoropolymers after nearly 24 years of service. Sina founded of FluoroConsultants Group, LLC in 2006 where he continues to work. Sina earned his Bachelor of Science from the School of Engineering of the University of Tehran in 1976, Master of Science and PhD from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, all in Chemical Engineering. He is author, editor and co-author of fifteen technical and data books including five handbooks on fluoropolymers technology and applications. He is author and co-author of three books in surface preparation and adhesion of materials, two of which are in their second editions. Sina has been involved with technical writing and publishing since 1974. His experiences include fluoropolymer technologies (polytetrafluoroethylene and its copolymers) including polymerization, finishing, fabrication, product development, failure analysis, market development and technical service. Sina holds six patents.

Affiliations and Expertise

Fluoroconsultants Group, Chadds Ford, PA, USA

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Polyvinyl Fluoride, 1st Edition


PART I Monomer and Polymer Preparation

1. Introduction and History

2. Production and Market Statistics

3. Preparation of Vinyl Fluoride

4. Manufacturing and Finishing of Polyvinyl Fluoride (PVF)

PART II Manufacture of Films and Coatings

5. Manufacturing of Oriented PVF Films

6. Manufacturing of Unoriented PVF Films

7. Manufacturing of PVF Coatings

8. Commercial PVF Products

9. Properties of PVF Films

10. Surface Treatment of PVF Films for Adhesion


11. Adhesives, Heat Sealing and Lamination

12. Thermoforming PVF Laminates

13. Release Applications

14. Applications in Transportation

15. Construction and Architectural Applications

16. Photovoltaic Applications

17. Other Applications


18. Safety, Environment, Health and Compliance with Regulations

19. Economics


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