Ionizing Radiation and Polymers

Ionizing Radiation and Polymers, 1st Edition

Principles, Technology, and Applications

Ionizing Radiation and Polymers, 1st Edition,Jiri George Drobny,ISBN9781455778812


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229 X 152

A practical guide to ionizing radiation and its effects on plastics and polymers, providing engineers and scientists with the scientific knowledge and practical knowhow to select and implement radiation-based technologies in applications as diverse as coatings, sterilization, electron-beam curing, laser joining, toughening, and radiation resistant materials.

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Key Features

Unlock the potential of ionizing radiation in applications such as electron-beam curing and laser joining.

• Gain an understanding of the selection and safe use of radiation treatment equipment.

• The only detailed guide to ionizing radiation written for the plastics engineering community.


Radiation processing is widely employed in plastics engineering to enhance the physical properties of polymers, such as chemical resistance, surface properties, mechanical and thermal properties, particle size reduction, melt properties, material compatibility, fire retardation, etc.

Drobny introduces readers to the science of ionizing radiation and its effects on polymers, and explores the technologies available and their current and emerging applications.

The resulting book is a valuable guide for a wide range of plastics engineers employing ionizing radiation for polymer treatment in a range of sectors including packaging, aerospace, defense, medical devices and energy applications. Radiation resistant polymers are also explored.


Engineers working in the plastics processing and packaging industries.

Plastics and rubber processing industry and downstream industry sectors using plastics, in particular food packaging, consumer goods, defense, medical devices.

Consumer products companies like P&G, Pepsico, etc. and their suppliers / vendors, e.g. DuPont, BASE, Bemis, Amcor, Henkel, etc.

Jiri George Drobny

Jiri G. Drobny is President of Drobny Polymer Associates, and former Adjunct Faculty of Plastics Engineering at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell. Drobny is an active educator, lecturer, writer, and internationally known consultant. His career spans more than 40 years in the rubber and plastic processing industry, mainly in research and development with senior and executive responsibilities.

Affiliations and Expertise

Drobny Polymer Associates, Inc.

Ionizing Radiation and Polymers, 1st Edition

  1. Structure of Polymers
  2. Radiation Types and Sources
  3. Ionizing Radiation
    1. Gamma Rays
    2. Electron Beam Radiation
    3. X-rays
    4. Ion Beam Radiation
    5. Lasers

  4. Fundamentals of Radiation Chemistry
    1. Effects of radiation on organic materials

  5. Parameters and Units Used in Ionizing Radiation
  6. Interaction of Ionizing Radiation with Polymers
  7. Radiation Induced Reactions
    1. Cross-linking
    2. Polymerization
    3. Grafting
    4. Surface Modification

  8. Radiation Resistance of Polymers
    1. Energy Scavenging
    2. Radical Scavenging

  9. Industrial Applications of Ionizing Radiation-Overview
    1. Coatings
    2. Sterilization
    3. Ion Implantation
    4. Surface modification including compatibilization
    5. Methods of Joining Plastics (Laser, IR etc )
    6. Toughening of Plastics by Radiation.

  10. Safety and Hygiene
  11. New Developments and Trends

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