Biofabrication, 1st Edition

Micro- and Nano-fabrication, Printing, Patterning and Assemblies

Biofabrication, 1st Edition,Gabor Forgacs,Wei Sun,ISBN9781455728527

Forgacs   &   Sun   

William Andrew




235 X 191

Biofabrication techniques facilitate the advance of tissue engineering from 2D cell

culture to the 3D methods required for future developments in regenerative medicine,

including potentially the growth of entire human organs. This book provides a broad

readership of scientists, engineers and technicians with a practical desk reference to

the emerging technologies of biofabrication (cell printing, patterning, assembling, 3D

scaffold fabrication, cell/tissue-on-chips).

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Key Features

Discover the multi-disciplinary toolkit provided by biofabrication and apply it to develop new products, techniques and


• Covers a range of important emerging technologies in a coherent manner: cell printing, patterning, assembling, 3D

scaffold fabrication, cell/tissue-on-chips...

• Readers develop the ability to apply biofabrication technologies through practical examples


Biofabrication is a practical guide to the novel, inherently cross-disciplinary scientific field that focuses on biomanufacturing processes and a related range of emerging technologies. These processes and technologies ultimately further the development of products that may involve living (cells and/or tissues) and nonliving (bio-supportive proteins, scaffolds) components. The book introduces readers to cell printing, patterning, assembling, 3D scaffold fabrication, cell/tissue-on-chips as a coherent micro-/nano-fabrication toolkit. Real-world examples illustrate how to apply biofabrication techniques in areas such as regenerative medicine, pharmaceuticals and tissue engineering.

In addition to being a vital reference for scientists, engineers and technicians seeking to apply biofabrication techniques, this book also provides an insight into future developments in the field, and potential new applications.


R&D teams, researchers and

scientists in the fields of

Bioengineering / Biomaterials /

Biofabrication / Biomedical

Engineering / Tissue Engineering;

Regenerative Medicine,

Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals,

Mechanical Engineering.

Engineers and Industrial scientists at

pharmaceutical companies, biotech

companies, medical device


Biotechnologists and Process


Information about this author is currently not available.
Information about this author is currently not available.

Biofabrication, 1st Edition

Introduction: what is biofabrication?

2. Biofabrication of bio-supportive


3. Biofabrication of cellular and tissue


4. Biofabrication of model systems

5. Device biofabrication

6. Modeling the biofabrication process

7. Industrial implications of


8. Future trends in biofabrication

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