Police Photography

Police Photography, 6th Edition

Police Photography, 6th Edition,Larry Miller,Norman Marin,Richard McEvoy Jr.,ISBN9781437755800

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A user-friendly guide to police photography, with practical suggestions that show police how to produce photos that will aid investigation and stand up to challenges in court.

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Key Features

  • Step-by-step instructions show both experienced and inexperienced photographers the best way to capture specific situations encountered in law enforcement.
  • A wide variety of photographs and illustrations demonstrate techniques and complement the material.
  • A glossary provides a quick reference for looking up important definitions.


This helpful textbook teaches the fundamentals of photography and their application to police work. It offers clear explanations of the basic elements of photography that are used in investigative police work. Recommendations regarding equipment and techniques are offered throughout for both small and large police departments. Topics include the advantages and disadvantages of digital photography, and guidelines for photographing accidents, crimes, evidence, questioned documents, and identification photos, and dealing with special situations such as homicide and arson.


Students and beginning professionals in the criminal justice field.

Larry Miller

Larry S. Miller is Distinguished Professor and Chair of Criminal Justice and Criminology at East Tennessee State University (ETSU). He received his Bachelor of Science from ETSU, a Master of Science from Eastern Kentucky University, and his Ph.D. in Health & Safety with collaterals in Forensic Anthropology and Criminology from The University of Tennessee. Miller, who has worked as a police officer, criminal investigator, and crime laboratory director, teaches in the area of law enforcement and is the author of several books on topics including criminal investigation, criminal justice report writing, police photography, and more.

Affiliations and Expertise

East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, USA

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Norman Marin

Norman Marin worked for the NYC Office of the Chief Medical Examiner from 2001-2012, where he began with DNA extraction and quantification before transferring to the Special Investigation Unit, where he worked on crime reconstruction issues involving bloodstain pattern analysis, bullet trajectory, evidence examinations, forensic photography, and the identification of latent blood through chemical enhancements. A graduate of the John Jay College, Marin now teaches at Pace University at the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences, Forensic Science program, where he teaches digital photography, among other forensic disciplines.

Affiliations and Expertise

Pace University, New York, NY, USA

Richard McEvoy Jr.

Police Photography, 6th Edition

1. The Police Photographer

2. Light and the Simple Camera

3. Cameras

4. Film

5. Equipment

6. Exposure

7. The Darkroom

8. Black-and-White Processing: Negatives

9. Black-and-White Processing: Printing and Enlargement

10. Color Processing

11. Digital Photography

12. Accident Photography

13. Crime Photography

14. Evidence Photography

15. Identification Photography

16. Questioned Documents

17. Ultraviolet and Fluorescence Photography

18. Infrared Photography

Glossary of Terms

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