Organized Crime in Our Times

Organized Crime in Our Times, 6th Edition

Organized Crime in Our Times, 6th Edition,Jay Albanese,ISBN9781437744538



9781437744538 New edition



A highly readable and up-to-date synthesis of significant developments in the nature, history, theories, understanding, and prevention of organized crime. This book answers the questions, "What is organized crime?" and "How does Criminal Justice respond to organized crime?"

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Key Features

    • Chapters are enhanced by updated photos, tables, charts, and critical thinking exercises that help students apply and evaluate concepts to actual case examples.
    • Every chapter includes two student-friendly special features: Organized Crime Biography and Organized Crime at the Movies.
    • A glossary gives students a quick reference for looking up important definitions of organized crime-related terms, and a Timeline of Organized Crime in the United States highlights important events in the history of organized crime.


    Organized Crime in Our Times provides readers with a clear understanding of organized crime, including its definition and causes, how it is categorized under the law, models to explain its persistence, and the criminal justice response to organized crime, including investigation, prosecution, defense, and sentencing.

    This book organizes information in a meaningful way, offering a comprehensive history of the Mafia in the United States; a legal analysis of the offenses that underlie organized crimes; specific attention to modern manifestations of organized crime activity, such as human smuggling, Internet crimes, and other transnational criminal operations; and the application of ethics to the study of organized crime. This edition includes new tables and figures, and special features on popular biographies and movies that tie to relevant content in the text. Appendices include a glossary and timeline on organized crime in the United States.


    Students in the criminal justice field.

    Jay Albanese

    Jay S. Albanese is Professor in the Wilder School of Government & Public Affairs at Virginia Commonwealth University. He served as Chief of the International Center at the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), the research arm of the U.S. Department of Justice, from 2002 to 2006. He is author of many articles, and author/editor of 16 books. Albanese is the recipient of the Elske Smith Distinguished Lecturer Award from Virginia Commonwealth University, the Teaching Excellence Award from Niagara University, and the G.O.W. Mueller Award for Outstanding Contributions to Comparative/International Criminal Justice from the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, International Section. He has served as Executive Director of the International Association for the Study of Organized Crime and is a past president and fellow of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. He currently serves on the Executive Board of the American Society of Criminology.

    Affiliations and Expertise

    Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA, USA

    Organized Crime in Our Times, 6th Edition

    1. What Is Organized Crime?

    2. Characteristic Organized Crimes I: Conspiracy, Provision of Illicit Goods and Services

    3. Characteristic Organized Crimes II: Infiltration of Business, Extortion, and Racketeering

    4. Causes of Organized Crime: Influences on Individuals

    5. Paradigms of Organized Crime: Models of Organization

    6. The Mafia: Facts and Myths

    7. Changes in the Nature of Organized Crime: From Traditional to Modern

    8. Transnational Organized Crime

    9. Investigative Tools

    10. Prosecution Strategies

    11. Organizing a Criminal Defense

    12. Sentencing Organized Crime Offenders


    Timeline of Organized Crime in the United States

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