Stretch Blow Molding

Stretch Blow Molding, 2nd Edition

Stretch Blow Molding, 2nd Edition,ISBN9781437735277

William Andrew




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A practical handbook for a major area of plastics processing, the author's focus on fault analysis and troubleshooting is targeted at practicing engineers and directly impacts the bottom line by improving production efficiency and product quality.

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Key Features

  • Learn the tricks of the trade from an experienced engineer and manager
  • Save money: Practical strategies to optimize the production process, improve quality and reduce cycle times
  • Gain knowledge and understanding of the latest technological and best practice developments in stretch blow molding


Stretch blow molding is the blow molding process used to produce bottles of the strength required for carbonated drinks. In this handbook, Ottmar Brandau introduces the technology of stretch blow molding, explores practical aspects of designing and running a production line and looks at practical issues for quality control and troubleshooting. As an experienced engineer, manager and consultant, Brandau’s focus is on optimizing the production process, improving quality and reducing cycle time.

This book is a thoroughly practical handbook that provides engineers and managers with the toolkit to improve production and engineering aspects in their own businesses--saving money, increasing output and improving competitiveness by adopting new technologies.


Engineers, managers and operators in the plastics industry working in the fields of blow molding and bottle production. Plastics Engineers (mostly with an academic background in Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering or Chemistry), Quality Engineers and Production Managers.

Stretch Blow Molding, 2nd Edition

1. A Short history of Stretch Blow Molding

2. Material Basics

3. Reheat Stretch Blow Molding Machines

4. Machine Details

5. Blow Molds

6. Fundamentals of the Blow Process

7. The Blowing Process

8. Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machines

9. Special Applications

10. Troubleshooting of Blowing Problems

11. Economics

12. Preform Design for Single and Two-stage Processing

13. Auxiliary Equipment

14. Training of Operators

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