Introduction to Criminal Justice

Introduction to Criminal Justice, 7th Edition

Introduction to Criminal Justice, 7th Edition,Lawrence Travis III,ISBN9781437734904





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A concise, affordable, and intelligently written overview of the criminal justice system and important issues relating to it.

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Key Features

* Each chapter is enhanced by important terms, boxes, photos, and review questions

* New edition includes updated statistics and an extended focus on theoretical approaches throughout the text

* New information and attention added on terrorism and homeland security issues 

* An easy-to-access glossary offers a complete collection of essential terms in criminal justice



This student-friendly introductory core text describes the criminal justice process in the United States - outlining the decisions, practices, people, and issues involved. It provides a solid introduction to the mechanisms of the criminal justice system, with balanced coverage of the issues presented by each facet of the process, including a thorough review of practices and controversies in law enforcement, the criminal courts, and corrections.


Students in the criminal justice field

Lawrence Travis III

Lawrence F. Travis III is a Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Cincinnati. His primary research interests lie in policing, criminal justice policy reform, sentencing, and corrections.

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Cincinnati

Introduction to Criminal Justice, 7th Edition

1. Criminal Justice Perspectives

2. The Justice Process

3. Crime and Crime Control

4. Counting Crimes and Criminals

5. Police and Policing

6. Law Enforcement in the Criminal Justice System

7. The Criminal Courts

8. People and Problems in the Courts

9. Sentencing: The Goals and Process of Punishment

10. Incarceration

11. Problems and Issues in Incarceration

12. Probation, Parole, and Community Corrections

13. Issues in Community Supervision

14. The Juvenile Justice System

15. Discharge and Developments

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