Victimology, 7th Edition

Victimology, 7th Edition,William Doerner,Steven Lab,ISBN9780323287654





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A powerful tool for teaching students how the criminal’s justice system can become a victim’s justice system

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Key Features

  • A new chapter on explaining victimization provides context and a backdrop for examining emerging trends
  • A new chapter on hate crimes delves into the complexities faced by victims as they negotiate the reporting process
  • The text is supplemented by learning tools including chapter-by-chapter learning objectives, key terms, illustrative figures and tables, and call-outs to related Internet sites


Victimology, Seventh Edition, introduces students to the criminal justice system in the United States and its impact on crime victims. Authors William Doerner and Steven Lab provide a fresh look at the theoretical basis of victimology and then present the key facets of crime and its effects. They examine financial and social costs both to the individual and to the larger community.

This new edition uses the theoretical foundation of victimology to establish a clear conceptual framework and reduce repetition. Emerging trends in the field receive greater emphasis in this edition, including non-adversarial resolutions that offer remediation for crime victims. Crimes like intimate-partner violence and victimization in work or school environments continue to take a toll, and the authors examine efforts to prevent these crimes as well as responses after an incident occurs. Doerner and Lab challenge students to rethink the current response to crime victims, and to develop improved approaches to this costly social issue. Online supplements are available for both professors and students.

William Doerner

William G. Doerner has been a Professor in the College of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Florida State University since 1977. He specializes in victimology and law enforcement issues. He earned his M.A. in Sociology at Emory University (1973) and Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Tennessee (1977). Doerner recently retired from active duty with the Tallahassee Police Department after 29 years of service as a part-time sworn law enforcement officer. He served on the Board of Directors for the National Organization of Victim Assistance, was the Founding President of the Florida Network of Victim/Witness Services, is past Director of the Program in Criminal Justice at Florida State University, and a previous editor of the American Journal of Criminal Justice. In addition to other professional accolades, Doerner received the Outstanding Educator of the Year Award from the Southern Criminal Justice Association and was a winner of the John P.J. Dussich Award from the American Society of Victimology. An article he and his son published in Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies & Management was designated one of four outstanding papers of the year in 2012.

Affiliations and Expertise

Florida State University, USA

Steven Lab

Steven P. Lab is Professor and Director of the Criminal Justice Program and Chair of the Department of Human Services at Bowling Green State University. His research interests include victims of crime, crime prevention, juvenile delinquency, and school crime. Lab received his Ph.D. in Criminology from Florida State University in 1982. He has been a faculty member at Bowling Green since 1987. His primary research interests are in crime prevention and juvenile justice; he is the author of three textbooks and two edited works, and has published more than 30 articles on various topics.

Affiliations and Expertise

Bowling Green State University

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Victimology, 7th Edition

Section I- Definition and Scope

  1. The Scope of Victimology
  2. Measuring Criminal Victimization
  3. Explaining Victimization
  4. Section II- Addressing the Impact of Victimization

  5. The Costs of Victimization
  6. Remedying the Financial Impact of Victimization
  7. Remedying the Non-Financial Impact of Victimization
  8. Victim Rights
  9. Section III- Types of Victimization

  10. Traditional Crimes
  11. Sexual Battery
  12. Intimate Partner Violence
  13. Child Maltreatment
  14. Crime and the Elderly
  15. Hate Crime
  16. Victimization at Work and School
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