Crisis Negotiations

Crisis Negotiations, 5th Edition

Managing Critical Incidents and Hostage Situations in Law Enforcement and Corrections

Crisis Negotiations, 5th Edition,Michael McMains,Wayman Mullins,ISBN9781455776474






235 X 191

The preferred applied and academic resource for the practice and study of high-risk crisis negotiations.

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Key Features

  • New focus on strategic and tactical planning in crisis incidents
  • Fresh information on "debriefing the stress" after a crisis management operation
    • Quick-reference "Bullet Points for the Field" available in the book and as a handy download from the companion website
    • New case studies demonstrate lessons learned in recent crises
    • Updated text boxes from authorities in the field
    • New applied material on the personalities involved in high-risk hostage and barricaded incidents


    The 5th Edition of this classic text presents a user-friendly resource for practicing negotiators and a ready reference for courses in crisis management in criminal justice, psychology, and criminology programs. The new edition has added summary bullet points for easy reference when negotiators are in the field, a review of the literature since the last edition appeared, a discussion of the strategic planning process involved in high-risk negotiation incidents focused clearly on the critical questions negotiators need to ask themselves about a high-risk incident, and a practical applied-psychology approach to personalities that engage in high-risk incidents.


    Students and professionals in the criminal justice field. Crisis negotiation/hostage trainers.

    Michael McMains

    Michael McMains consults with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, and private and public organizations, on crisis management issues. He has developed and presents training on workplace violence, hostage/crisis negotiations, family violence, crisis intervention for first responders, suicide intervention, hostage survival strategies, and traumatic stress. From 1982-2004, he was the Chief Psychologist and Director of the Victims Advocacy Section of the San Antonio Police Department. In 2010, he co-wrote curricula on negotiation with terrorists for the United States Department of State. In the course of his career he has consulted on more than 400 hostage/barricaded subject incidents. He is a certified Master Peace Officer in Texas and a certified Police Instructor.

    Affiliations and Expertise

    Bexar County, Texas Sheriff's Department

    Wayman Mullins

    Wayman C. Mullins has taught at Texas State University-San Marcos, where he is a Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice, since 1984. He has researched, written, and published extensively in the areas of crisis negotiations, terrorism, stress and PTSD, and other police issues. He has served as a consultant to law enforcement and correction agencies at the federal, state, and local levels; private businesses; and international corporations. He also helped start the Crisis Negotiation Team at Hays County Sheriff’s Office and is still an active member of that team. Mullins is a licensed peace officer in Texas.

    Affiliations and Expertise

    Texas State University, San Marcos

    Crisis Negotiations, 5th Edition

    1. Crisis Management: History and Overview

    2. Crisis Management: Crisis Response Team Elements

    3. Crisis Management: Goals, Tasks and Skills — The REACT Model

    4. Crisis Management: Risk Assessment

    5. Crisis Management: Communication in Crisis Negotiations

    6. Crisis Management: Negotiating with Emotionally Disturbed and Mentally Ill Individuals: Recognition and Guidelines

    7. Crisis Management: Negotiating with Suicidal Persons

    8. Crisis Management: Negotiating with Special Populations

    9. Crisis Management: The Extraordinary and Unique: Prisons, Correctional Facilities, and Special Negotiation Incidents

    10. Crisis Management: Hostage Dynamics

    11. Crisis Management: Managing Stress and Trauma

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