Global Regulatory Issues for the Cosmetics Industry

Global Regulatory Issues for the Cosmetics Industry, 1st Edition

Global Regulatory Issues for the Cosmetics Industry, 1st Edition,Karl Lintner,ISBN9780815515692
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Manufacturing, packaging, and marketing cosmetic products.

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Key Features

* Simplifies global regulations for anyone exporting cosmetics.
* Excellent reference not only for manufacturing and marketing, but for legal departments and packaging as well.
* Describes how to develop a global regulatory strategy.


This volume examines regulatory issues of ingredients, manufacturing, and finished products, as well as claim substantiation, packaging, and advertising. A chapter on Chinese regulations will be one of the first about this country to be published in book form.

• Includes a regulatory map of India and China
• Global IP protection strategies
• REACH and European Regulatory standards
• "Green chemistry" in relation to cosmetics and regulation


Policy makers, lawyers – anyone working in the formulation, marketing, packaging, and exporting of cosmetic products.

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Global Regulatory Issues for the Cosmetics Industry, 1st Edition

Introduction: Green Chemistry, What it Really Means; How REACH Affects Cosmetic Ingredients; Organic Ingredients; Nanomaterial Challenges and Problems; EU Regulations on Plant Allergens and Their Consequences; Harmonizing Global Overall Requirements for Ingredient Characterization; Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points; Good Manufacturing Practice; Proving Cosmetic Efficacy; Advertising Cosmetic Efficacy: Rules and Regulations; Packaging and Labelling Requirements; Finished Product Legislation - China; Finished Product Legislation - Australia, Canada, and Rest of World; Patents: Their Importance in Today's Cosmetics Environment
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