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Developments in Surface Contamination and Cleaning

Developments in Surface Contamination and Cleaning, 1st Edition

Developments in Surface Contamination and Cleaning, 1st Edition,Rajiv Kohli,Kashmiri L. Mittal,ISBN9780815515555

Kohli   &   Mittal   

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This book addresses the sources, detection, characterization and removal of particles and film-type surface contaminants, as well as ways to prevent surfaces from being contaminated.

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Key Features

• Excellent reference for a host of technologies and industries ranging from microelectronics to optics to automotive to biomedical.

• A single source document addressing everything from the sources of contamination to their removal and prevention.

• Amply referenced and profusely illustrated.


Surface contamination is of cardinal importance in a host of technologies and industries, ranging from microelectronics to optics to automotive to biomedical. Thus, the need to understand the causes of surface contamination and their removal is very patent. Generally speaking, there are two broad categories of surface contaminants: film-type and particulates. In the world of shrinking dimensions, such as the ever-decreasing size of microelectronic devices, there is an intensified need to understand the behavior of nanoscale particles and to devise ways to remove them to an acceptable level. Particles which were functionally innocuous a few years ago are ôkiller defectsö today, with serious implications for yield and reliability of the components. This book addresses the sources, detection, characterization and removal of both kinds of contaminants, as well as ways to prevent surfaces from being contaminated. A number of techniques to monitor the level of cleanliness are also discussed. Special emphasis is placed on the behaviour of nanoscale particles. The book is amply referenced and profusely illustrated.


Research & development, manufacturing, quality control and procurement specification personnel in many and diversified industries; such as microelectronics, aerospace, optics, xerography, joining (adhesive bonding), and biomedical. Academia and government will also find this book an excellent source.

Rajiv Kohli

NASA Johnson Space Center -Rajiv Kohli is a leading expert in contaminant particle behaviour, surface cleaning and contamination control. At the NASA Johnson Space Center he has primary responsibility for contamination control related to spaceflight hardware for the Space Shuttle, the International Space Station, and the new Constellation Program (designed to meet the United States Vision for Space Exploration). He helped to develop solvent-based cleaning applications for the nuclear industry and an innovative microabrasive system for a wide variety of applications in the commercial sector. He co-authored Commercial Utilization of Space: An International Comparison of Framework Conditions, and has published over 200 technical papers. His other specialisms include precision cleaning, solution and surface chemistry, advance materials and chemical thermodynamics. In 2005, Dr. Kohli received the Public Service Medal, one of NASA’s highest awards, for contributions to the Space Shuttle Return to Flight project.

Affiliations and Expertise

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

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Kashmiri L. Mittal

Editor: ‘Reviews of Adhesion and Adhesives’ was associated with IBM from 1972 to 1994. Currently, he is teaching and consulting in the areas of adhesion science and technology and in surface contamination and cleaning. He is the founding editor of the Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology and is editor of 85 books, many of them dealing with surface contamination and cleaning. In 2002, the Kash Mittal Award was inaugurated for his extensive efforts and significant contributions to the field of colloid and interface chemistry. Among his numerous awards, Dr. Mittal was awarded the title honoris causa by the Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lubin, Poland in 2003.

Affiliations and Expertise

Editor: ‘Reviews of Adhesion and Adhesives’

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Developments in Surface Contamination and Cleaning, 1st Edition

Part 1: Fundamentals
1. The Physical Nature of Very, Very Small Particles and its Impact on their Behavior
Othmar Preining
2. Elucidating the Nature of Very Small Particles
Carlo Altucci and Domenico Paparo
3. Transport and Deposition of Aerosol Particles
Daniel J. Rader and Anthony S. Geller
4. Relevance of Particle Transport in Surface Deposition and Cleaning
Chao-Hsin Lin and Chao Zhu
5. Tribological Implications of Particles
Koji Kato
6. Airborne Molecular Contamination
Taketoshi Fujimoto, Kikuo Takeda and Tatsuo Nonaka
7. Engineering Aspects of Particle Adhesion and Removal
David J. Quesnel, Donald S. Rimai and David M. Schaefer
8. ESD Controls in Cleanroom Environments: Relevance to Particle Deposition
Larry Levit and Arnold Steinman
Part 2: Characterization of Surface Contaminants
9. Electron Microscopy Techniques for Imaging and Analysis of Nanoparticles
Zhong Lin Wang and Jean L. Lee
10. Surface Analysis Methods for Contaminant Identification
David A. Cole and Lei Zhang
11. Ionic Contamination and Analytical Techniques for Ionic Contamination
Beverly Newton
12. Relevance of Colorimetric Interferometry for Thin Surface Film Contaminants
Michel Querry, Philippe Vergne and Jerome Molinard
13. Wettability Techniques to Monitor the Cleanliness of Surfaces
William Birch, Alain Carre and Kashmiri L. Mittal
Part 3: Methods for Removal of Surface Contamination
14. The Use of Surfactants to Enhance Particle Removal from Surfaces
Michael L. Free
15. Cleaning with Solvents
John B. Durkee
16. Removal of Particles by Chemical Cleaning
Philip G. Clark and Thomas J. Wagener
17. Cleaning Using High-Speed Impinging Jet
Kuniaki Gotoh
18. Microabrasive Precision Cleaning and Processing Technology
Rajiv Kohli
19. Cleaning Using Argon/Nitrogen Cryogenic Aerosols
Wayne T. McDermott and Jeffrey W. Butterbaugh
20. Carbon Dioxide Snow Cleaning
Robert Sherman
21. Coatings for Preventing or Deactivation of Biological Contaminants
Joerg C. Tiller
22. Detailed Study of Semiconductor Wafer Drying
Wim Feyn, Frank Hosteyns, Twan Bearda, Sophia Arnauts and Jan Van Steenburgen
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