A Guide to Wear Problems and Testing for Industry

A Guide to Wear Problems and Testing for Industry, 1st Edition

A Guide to Wear Problems and Testing for Industry, 1st Edition,Michael Neale,Mark Gee,ISBN9780815514718


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This is an invaluable reference for engineers throughout all types of manufacturing, which focuses on alleviating the costs associated with everyday wear.

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Machine component wear is one of the costliest problems within industry. In fact, a 1997 survey in the UK placed wear costs at 25% of turnover, or approximately $1 billion. In many cases, making design and or material changes can reduce this cost by 50% or more!

This handbook reviews component wear, and guides the reader through solutions to wear problems, testing methods for materials and wear mechanisms, and information on wear performance of different materials for components. The bottom line is that it helps to reduce ""the bottom line"" removing risks associated with changes to machinery.

This book is based on practical use. It outlines the following practices: reviews of wear mechanisms that occur in various types of machinery and solutions to industrial wear problems; guides to relative wear performance of different component materials; comparison of the wear performance of those materials; reviews of laboratory tests to simulate wear, and selection of appropriate tests; identification of improved materials, and; examination of worn surfaces.


This book is an invaluable everyday reference for engineers throughout manufacturing. Its focus is on alleviating the costs associated with machinery wear.

Michael Neale

Affiliations and Expertise

Neale Consulting Engineers, Ltd.

Mark Gee

Affiliations and Expertise

National Physical Laboratory, UK

A Guide to Wear Problems and Testing for Industry, 1st Edition

Industrial Wear Problems
Types of Wear
Identification of the Type of Wear
Assessing the Problem
Improvement by Use of Alternative Materials
Wear Testing of Materials
Wear Tests to Simulate Practical Conditions
The Wear Test Available
Important Factors in Practical Simulation
The Selection of Suitable Test Machines and Important Design Factors
General Procedures in Tests to Ensure Simulation Test
A Guide to Wear Test Selection
A Guide to the Examination of Worn Surfaces
Sample Preparation
Surface Appearance
Topographical Information Including Surface Finish
A Summary of the Approach to Wear Testing
Identification of a Wear Problem
Identification of the Dominant Wear Mechanism
Deciding on the Action to Be Taken
Choosing the Appropriate Wear Test
Planning an Appropriate Series of Tests
Carrying Out the Wear Test Program
Assessing the Results
Appendix A: Recommended Tests and Operating Conditions
Appendix B: Recommended Procedures for the Various Tests
Appendix C: Guide to Notation
Appendix D: Bibliography for Further Reading
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