Software Quality Control, Error, Analysis

Software Quality Control, Error, Analysis, 1st Edition

Software Quality Control, Error, Analysis, 1st Edition,Judith A. Clapp,Saul F. Stanten,W.W. Peng,D.R. Wallace,Deborah A. Cerino,Roger J Dziegiel Jr.,ISBN9780815513636

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Software Quality Control, Error, Analysis

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Software Quality Control, Error, Analysis, 1st Edition

Part I A Guide to Total Software Quality Control

Volume 1 Overview of Techniques and the Planning Process

1. Introduction

2. Models for Software Quality Control

3. Software Quality Control Techniques

4. Applying Total Software Quality Control

5. Summary and Conclusions

Appendix A: Quality Goals, Questions, Metrics, Requirements

Appendix B: Risk Assessment Questionnaire


Volume 2 Descriptions of Individual Techniques

1. Introduction

2. Cause and Effect Analysis

3. Configuration Management

4. Independent Verification and Validation

5. Inspections

6. Performance Engineering

7. Prototyping

8. Reliability Modeling

9. Requirements Traceability

10. RFP Preparation and Review

11. SEI Software Capability Evaluation

12. Software Audit

13. Software Design Metrics

14. Software Development Capability/Capacity Review

15. Software Development Files

16. Software Engineering Exercise

17. Software Engineering Prototype

18. Software Management Metrics

19. Software Quality Assurance

20. Software Problem Report Analysis

21. Standards

22. Testing


Part II Software Error Analysis

Executive Summary

1. Overview

1.1 Definitions

2. Introduction to Software Error Analysis

2.1 Cost Benefits of Early Detection

2.2 Approach to Selecting Error Analysis Techniques

3. Techniques for Detecting Errors

3.1 Classes of Error Detection Techniques

3.2 Techniques Used During the Lifecycle

3.3 Benefits of Classes of Error Detection Techniques

4. Removal of Errors

4.1 Identification

4.2 Investigation

4.3 Resolution

4.4 Use of Individual Error Data

5. Techniques for the Collection and Analysis of Error Data

5.1 Error History Profile / Database

5.2 Data Collection Process

5.3 Metrics

5.4 Statistical Process Control Techniques

5.5 Software Reliability Estimation Models

6. Summary

7. References

Appendix A: Error Detection Techniques

A.1 Algorithm Analysis

A.2 Back-to-Back Testing

A.3 Boundary Value Analysis

A.4 Control Flow Analysis/Diagrams

A.5 Database Analysis

A.6 Data Flow Analysis

A.7 Data Flow Diagrams

A.8 Decision Tables (Truth Tables)

A.9 Desk Checking (Code Reading)

A.10 Error Seeding

A.11 Finite State Machines

A.12 Formal Methods (Formal Verification, Proof of Correctness, Formal Proof of Program)

A.13 Information Flow Analysis

A.14 (Fagan) Inspections

A.15 Interface Analysis

A.16 Interface Testing

A.17 Mutation Analysis

A.18 Performance Testing

A.19 Prototyping / Animation

A.20 Regression Analysis and Testing

A.21 Requirements Parsing

A.22 Reviews

A.23 Sensitivity Analysis

A.24 Simulation

A.25 Sizing and Timing Analysis

A.26 Slicing

A.27 Software Sneak Circuit Analysis

A.28 Stress Testing

A.29 Symbolic Execution

A.30 Test Certification

A.31 Traceability Analysis (Tracing)

A.32 Walkthroughs

Appendix B: Error Analysis Techniques Cited in Software Standards

Part III Increasing Software Confidence: Where We’re Headed in Software Testing Technology

1. Introduction

2. Background

3. Testing Strategies

3.1 Mutation Testing

3.2 Decision to Decision PATH (DD-PATH) Testing—Branch Testing

4. Automated Testing Tools


4.2 RXVP80

5. The Test Program

6. Correct Program

6.1 MOTHRA—Statement Analysis Mutants

6.2 MOTHRA—Predicate and Domain Mutants

6.3 RXVP80

7. Domain Error

7.1 MOTHRA—Statement Analysis Mutants

7.2 MOTHRA—Predicate and Domain Mutants

7.3 RXVP80

8. Missing Statement Error


8.2 RXVP80

9. Computation Error


9.2 RXVP80

10. Conclusion

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