Solid Waste Recycling and Processing

Solid Waste Recycling and Processing, 2nd Edition

Planning of Solid Waste Recycling Facilities and Programs

Solid Waste Recycling and Processing, 2nd Edition,Marc J. Rogoff,ISBN9781455731923


William Andrew




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A practical guide to solid waste and recycling process selection, design and implementation - providing best practice guidance, explanations of key technologies, and an investigation of public policy, economic factors and environmental trade-offs

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Key Features

  • Covers single- and mixed-waste streams
  • Evaluates the technologies and tradeoffs of recycling of materials vs. integrated solutions, including combustion and other transformational options
  • Covers recycling as part of the bigger picture of solid waste management, processing and disposal


Solid Waste Recycling and Processing, Second Edition, provides best-practice guidance to solid waste managers and recycling coordinators. The book covers all aspects of solid waste processing, volume reduction, and recycling, encompassing typical recyclable materials (paper, plastics, cans, and organics), construction and demolition debris, electronics, and more. It includes techniques, technologies, and programs to help maximize customer participation rates and revenues, as well as to minimize operating costs. The book is packed with lessons learned by the author during the implementation of the most successful programs worldwide, and includes numerous case studies showing how different systems work in different settings.

This book also takes on industry debates such as the merits of curbside-sort versus single-stream recycling and the use of advanced technology in materials recovery facilities. It provides key facts and figures, and brief summaries of legislation in the United States, Europe, and Asia. An extensive glossary demystifies the terminology and acronyms used in different sectors and geographies. The author also explains emerging concepts in recycling such as zero waste, sustainability, LEED certification, and pay-as-you-throw, and places waste management and recycling in wider economic, environmental (sustainability), political, and societal contexts.


Solid waste engineers, managers, technicians and maintenance staff.

Engineers and plant designers involved in planning and implementing solid waste and recycling systems.

Recycling coordinators and government officials.

Marc J. Rogoff

has held a number of senior positions in the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) and the American Public Works Association. Following on from his BS and MS at Cornell University, Marc completed a PhD at Michigan State University and an MBA at the University of Tampa. His career has embraced all aspects of solid waste management, and he has directed engineer’s feasibility reports for nearly two dozen public works projects, totaling $1.2bn in project financing. His name is well known in the field of Waste-to-Energy, where his consultancy work has covered feasibility studies on more than 50 facilities worldwide, operations assessments, and advising on key procurement decisions.

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Solid Waste Recycling and Processing, 2nd Edition

1. Introduction

2. Policy Implications for Solid Waste and Recycling

3. Collection Approaches

4. Processing Technologies

5. Marketing Recyclables

6. Public Education Programs

7. Recycling Economics

8. Institutional Issues

9. Case Studies

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