Cosmetics Additives, 1st Edition

An Industrial Guide

Cosmetics Additives, 1st Edition,Ernest W. Flick,ISBN9780815512554


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Describes about 4,000 cosmetics additives for industrial use, compiled from information from 84 manufacturers and distributors.

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Describes about 4,000 cosmetics additives for industrial use, compiled from information from 84 manufacturers and distributors. The cosmetics and personal care products industry has a $60 billion market worldwide, and future growth is expected. In the US the market breaks down roughly into: hair care, 20%; fragrances, 20%; skin care, 14%; makeup, 17%; deodorants and skin and body lotions, 10%; and oral care products, 10%. Growth is expected in products targeting ethnic markets and working women. The book lists the following product information, as available, in the manufacturer's own words: (1) Company name and product category, (2) Trade name and product number, (3) Product description. Also included are a Trade Name Index and a list of Suppliers' Addresses.


All cosmetic manufacturers, large and small.

Ernest W. Flick

Ernest W. Flick, previously a chemical industry quality assurance administrator and technical writer

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Cosmetics Additives, 1st Edition

Aceto Corp to BASF Corp.

Aceto Corp.
Aceto Corp.
Akzo Chemie America
Akzo International Salt Co.
Albright & Wilson
Allied Signal Inc.
Amerchol Corp.
Aqualon Co.
Avatar Corp.
BASF Corp.
Bio-Botanica, Inc to Brooks Industries Inc.
Bio-Botanica, Inc.
Brooks Industries Inc.
Capital City Products Co to Costec, Inc.
Capital City Products Co.
CasChem Inc.
Costec, Inc.
Croda lnc to Cyprus Industrial Minerals
Croda lnc.
Cyprus Industrial Minerals
Desert King Corp to DuPont
Desert King Corp.
Dow Chemical U.S.A.
Dow Corning Corp.
Dragoco, Inc.
Eastman Chemical Products, Inc to ECC America Inc.
Eastman Chemical Products, Inc.
ECC America Inc.
Finetex, Inc to H.B. Fuller
Finetex, Inc.
Florida Food Products, Inc.
Freeman Industries, Inc.
H.B. Fuller
GAF Chemicals Corp to W.R. Grace & Co.
GAF Chemicals Corp.
GE Silicones
Goldschmidt Chemical Corp.
B.F. Goodrich
W.R. Grace & Co.
Haarman & Reimer to Humko Chemical Division
Haarman & Reimer
Hexcel Chemical Products
Hoechst Celanese Corp.
Geo. A. Hormel & Co.
Humko Chemical Division
ICI Specialty Chemicals to Inolex Chemical Co.
ICI Specialty Chemicals
Inolex Chemical Co.
Jojoba Growers & Processors Inc to Lonza Inc.
Jojoba Growers & Processors Inc.
Lipo Chemicals Inc.
Lonza Inc.
Dr. Madis Laboratories, Inc to M. Michel and Co., Inc.
Dr. Madis Laboratories, Inc.
McIntyre Group Ltd.
Mearl Corp.
M. Michel and Co., Inc.
Miranol Inc to Mona Industries, Inc.
Miranol Inc.
Mona Industries, Inc.
Napp Chemicals Inc to Protameen Chemicals Inc.
Quantum Chemical Corp to Quest International
Rewo to Rohm and Haas
Sandoz Chemicals Corp to Sherex Chemical Co.
Sonneborn Division to Sutton Laboratories, Inc.
Tic Gums, Inc to R.T. Vanderbilt Co., Inc.
Van Dyk to Witco
Zschimmer & Schwarz
Suppliers' Addresses
Trade Name Index
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