Tigers of the World, 1st Edition

The Biology, Biopolitics, Management and Conservation of an Endangered Species

Tigers of the World, 1st Edition,Ronald Tilson,Ulysses Seal,ISBN9780815511335


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Used in courses worldwide, this is a summary of management, conservation and research needs for this endangered species.

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In the last 50 years the tiger population in Asia has plummeted from 100,000 to about 5,000. The number of tigers is dangerously low, and the conservation of the world's remaining tigers is of global concern. Now, in this volume, 40 world authorities on tigers from Asia, Europe, and North America have summarized and identified the management, conservation, and research needs for this endangered species.

A new disciplineùconservation biologyùis emerging and this book is an early contribution. It spans and unites theory, laboratory, and field studies with management practices of both the wild and captive populations.

The book is based on the international symposium held in Minnesota, discusses the tiger's systematics and taxonomy, its status both in the wild and captivity, reproductive biology, and management and conservation strategies. In addition, an entire section is devoted to a discussion of the white tiger. The tigers of Indonesia, Nepal, Siberia, and China, as well as captive tigers are discussed. Finally, the information in this book places real numbers on the remaining tiger populations, their habitat that is protected, and probabilities of these populations surviving an extinction.


Animal scientists, veterinarians, agricultural and zoological managers and handlers, animal behaviorists.

Ronald Tilson

Affiliations and Expertise

Conservation Department, Minnesota Zoo, Apple Valley, MN

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Tigers of the World, 1st Edition

Systematics and Taxonomy
Setting the Molecular Clock in Felidae
The Phylogeny of the Tiger
Electrophoretic Data in Tiger Systematics
Subspecies and the Conservation of Panthera tigris
Status in the Wild
The Siberian Tiger in the USSR
Habitat Availability and Prospects in China
Tigers in Malaysia
Tiger Numbers and Habitat Evaluation in Indonesia
The Problem Tiger of Bangladesh
Female Land Tenure System in Tigers
Project Tiger
Tigers in India
Status in Captivity
Captive Tigers in China
Nutritional Considerations
Digestibility and Metabolizable Energy of Diets for Captive Tigers
A Neonatal Growth Model
Clinical Management of Captive Tigers
Comments on the ""Tiger Disease""
Antibiotic Therapy in the Bengal Tiger
Reproductive Biology
Estrus and Anestrus in Siberian Tigers
Seminal-Endocrine Characteristics of the Tiger and Potential for Artificial Breeding
Evaluation of Tiger Fertility
Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transfer
Chemical Communication
Captive Management
Species Survival Plan and Overall Management Strategies
Captive Management of South China Tigers
South China Tiger Recovery Program
The Captive Population of Sumatran Tigers
An International Captive Management Plan
Possible Selection in Captive Panthera tigris altaica
White Tiger Politics
White Tiger: Phantom or Freak?
White Tigers and Their Conservation
White Tigers: The Realities
White Tigers and Species Survival Plans
Conservation Strategies
Tigers in the Wild: Biopolitical Challenges
Developing International Tiger Conservation Programs
Conservation of the Tiger in Indonesia
Managing Tigers in the Sundarbans
Managing the Man-Eaters in the Sundarbans
The Man-Eating Tiger in Geographical and Historical Perspectives
Tigers in Nepal
A Tiger Geographic Information System Decision Analysis
A Global Tiger Conservation Plan
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