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Wolves of the World, 1st Edition

Perspectives of Behavior, Ecology and Conservation

Wolves of the World, 1st Edition,Fred H. Harrington,Paul C. Paquet,ISBN9780815509059


William Andrew



229 X 152

This comprehensive text considers the behavior and ecology of wild wolves in North America, Europe, Eurasia, Israel, and Iran.

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Since the early 1940s, North America has been the focus of studies of free-ranging wolves. Much of Canada and most of Alaska support numerous viable and sometimes thriving wolf populations. This comprehensive text considers the behavior and ecology of wild wolves in North America, Europe, Eurasia, Israel, and Iran. It also discusses wolf behavior in captivity and methods of conservation.


Animal scientists, veterinarians, agricultural and zoological managers and handlers, animal behaviorists.

Fred H. Harrington

Affiliations and Expertise

Mount Saint Vincent University, Nova Scotia, Canada

Paul C. Paquet

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Calgary, Canada

Wolves of the World, 1st Edition

Behavior and Ecology of Wild Wolves in North America
Ecology of Wolves in North-Central Minnesota
A Preliminary Study of the Social Organization of the Vancouver Island Wolf
Wolf Movements and Food Habits in Northwest Alaska
Winter Predation on Bison and Activity Patterns
Preliminary Investigations of the Vancouver Island Wolf Prey Relationships
Gray WolfûBrown Bear Relationships in the Nelchina Basin of South-Central Alaska
Patterns of Home Site Attendance in Two Minnesota Wolf Packs
Incidence of Disease and Its Potential Role in the Population Dynamics of Wolves in Riding National Park, Manitoba
Behavior and Ecology of Wild Wolves in Eurasia
Wolf Ecology and Management in the USSR
Behavior and Structure of an Expanding Wolf Population in Karelia, Northern Europe
Winter Ecology of a Pack of Three Wolves in Northern Sweden
Wolf Management in Intensively Used Areas of Italy
Wolves in Israel
Status, Growth and Other Facets of the Iranian Wolf
Behavior of Wolves in Captivity
Monogamy in Wolves: A Review of the Evidence
Cooperative Rearing of Simultaneous Litters in Captive Wolves
A Long-Term Study of Distributed Pup Feeding in Captive Wolves
Reinforcement of Cooperative Behavior in Captive Wolves
Probability Learning in Captive Wolves
A Wolf Pack Sociogram
The IUCN-SSC Wolf Specialist Group
The Apparent Extirpation and Reappearance of Wolves in the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska
Geographical Variation in Alaskan Wolves
Wolf Status in the Northern Rockies
Attitudes of Michigan Citizens toward Predators
Can the Wolf Be Returned to New York?
Some Problems in Wolf Sociology
Nunamiut Eskimos, Wildlife Biologists, and Wolves
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