Molecular and Cellular Biology of Bone, Part 5A

Molecular and Cellular Biology of Bone, Part 5A, 1st Edition

Molecular and Cellular Biology of Bone

Molecular and Cellular Biology of Bone, Part 5A, 1st Edition,ISBN9780080877204

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These volumes differ from the current conventional texts on bone cell biology. Biology itself is advancing at breakneck speed and many presentations completely fail to present the field in a truly modern context. This text does not attempt to present detailed clinical descriptions. Rather, after discussion of basic concepts, there is a concentration on recently developed findings equally relevant to basic research and a modern understanding of metabolic bone disease. The book will afford productive new insights into the intimate inter-relation of experimental findings and clinical understanding. Modern medicine is founded in the laboratory and demands of its practitioners a broad scientific understanding: these volumes are written to exemplify this approach. This book is likely to become essential reading equally for laboratory and clinical scientists.

Molecular and Cellular Biology of Bone, Part 5A, 1st Edition

Contents (Volume 5A). List of Contributors. Foreword (I. MacIntyre). Preface (M. Zaidi). Section I General Principles. Aspects of Anatomy and Development of Bone the NM, uM, and MM Hierarchy (A. Boyde and S. Jones). Physiology of Bone Remodeling (C. Chenu and P.D. Delmas). Hormonal Regulation of Bone Remodeling (K. Wah Ng and T.J. Martin). Coupling of Bone Formation and Bone Resorption: a Model (J.T. Ryaby, R.J. Fitzsimmons, S. Mohan, and D.J. Baylink). Mechanotransduction in Bone (E.H. Burger, J. Klein-Nulend, and S.C. Cowin). Vascular Control of Bone Remodeling (T.S. Gross and T.L. Clemens). Parathyroid Hormone and Its Receptors (A.B. Abou-Samra). The Structure and Molecular Biology of the Calcitonin Receptor (S.R. Goldring). The Vitamin D Receptor: Discovery, Structure, and Function. (J.W. Pike). Molecular Physiology of Avian Bone (C.G. Dacke).
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