Green Electronics/Green Bottom Line, 1st Edition

Green Electronics/Green Bottom Line, 1st Edition,Lee H Goldberg,ISBN9780750699938






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Key Features

An everyday guide to environmentally sound electronics design
Contributors include top engineers from the biggest electronics manufacturers and most prestigious universities
Real-world cases illustrate topics giving concepts the reader can apply immediately


Environmentally safe engineering is one of the hottest and most controversial topics in technical circles. Though many publications offer theory and intellectual discussion of the topic, this book provides practical, hands-on advice including hints and tips from the nation's top engineers. Green Electronics/Green Bottom Line offers practical advice for engineers and managers who want or need to incorporate environmental issues into the design process. The emerging discipline of Design for the Environment (DfE) combines engineering know-how with environmental awareness. Topics include international policy issues such as ISO 14000, materials selection (e.g., for recyclability), manufacturing concerns like no-flux processes, and design issues such as power consumption. Real-world cases show how these elements can be included in everyday designs.

Each chapter opens with a topical cartoon and lively story, interview or editorial. The discussion will then move to specific engineering issues and their economic and social context. The last section explores larger possibilities and new directions still to be explored by engineers concerned with education, health, and environmental quality. Contributors include engineers from Motorola, Analog Devices, Dupont, Compaq, Nortel, AMD, and Apple Computer, and academics from universities in the US, Canada, the UK, and Europe, as well as the Rocky Mountain Institute.


Design engineers and managers

Lee H Goldberg

Affiliations and Expertise

Trained as an engineer, Lee Goldberg is now an editor of Electronic Design magazine. He writes and lectures on environmental aspects of the electronics industry.

Green Electronics/Green Bottom Line, 1st Edition

Section I: Design Issues: Introduction; Part I: Ch. 1: Designing Energy-Efficient PCs Using Integrated Power Management; Ch. 2: Energy Efficient Three-Phase AC Motor Drive for Appliance and Industrial Applications; Ch. 3: High-Voltage Power Factor Controller Helps Improve Power Quality; Ch. 4: Designing High-Efficiency DSP-Based Motor Controls for Consumer Goods; Part II: Designing for Recyclability: Ch. 5: Design for Disassembly, Reuse, and Recycling; Ch. 6: Defining Electronics Recycling; Ch. 7: Sensor-Based Data Recording for Recycling; Part III: Green Design Automation Tools: Ch. 8: A Survey of DfE Software; Ch. 9: Design for Environment; Ch. 10: Toward Integrated Product Life-Cycle Design Tools; Section II: Materials and Processes Issues: Introduction: Electronic Manufacturing Processes and the Environment; Part IV: Materials Selection for Electronic Products: Ch. 11: Selection of Plastics Using Cost, Structural, and Environmental Factors; Ch. 12: Battery Selection and Application--Environmental Considerations; Part V: Electronic Manufacturing Processes and the Environment: Ch. 13: Implementing Green Printed Wiring Board Manufacturing; Ch. 14: No-Lead Solder Assembly; Ch. 15: Chemical Conversion Coatings on Electronic Equipment; Section III: Management Issues: Introduction: Musings Before a New Dawn; Part VI: DfE for Engineering Managers: Chapter 16: DfE for Engineering Managers: Making It Count: DfE and the Bottom Line; Ch. 17: Making It Happen: DfE Implementation; Ch. 18: Getting the Math Right: Accurate Costing Through Product Life Cycles; Ch. 19: Design for Environment: A European Logistics Perspective; Part VII: ISO 14001--The Environmental Standard for Industry; Ch. 20: Meeting the Letter and Spirit of Environmental Management Using the ISO 14001 Standard; Ch. 21: ISO 14001 for the Environment and Your Bottom Line; Ch. 22: Beyond ISO 1400: ST Microelectronics as a Case Study in Environmental Leadership; Section IV: And Beyond...: Introduction: A Day in the Life . . . Circa 2005; Ch. 23: Designing a Better Tomorrow Today with Self-Disassembling Electronics; Ch. 24 Ultralight Hybrid Vehicles--Principles and Design; Ch. 25 The Environment and Nanotechnology; Appendices: Case Studies; Resources; Author Contact Information

Quotes and reviews

'The book presents a concise account of the latest concepts and developments in the emerging discipline of Design for Environment. The editor should be commended on the style of the book. It is a highly readable account of the subject with each chapter being a well presented contribution to the literature. Contributors include practicing engineers from well-know corporations and academics from leading universities in North America and Europe. Even in this fast moving era, I am sure that this book will be referred to for a long time. Every engineer involved in the practice of electronics manufacturing and/or design should find this book very beneficial.' - Journal of Electronics Manufacturing, Vol. 9, No.1

. . .an excellent introduction to environmentally responsible engineering.

This book will give you useful information that you can use now, case studies that worked, and ideas about future trends. -EDN MAGAZINE ED

. . .it gives solid engineering information and advice. -Test & Measurement World

I've never seen such a complete collection of practical information about designing with the earth's environment in mind. -Test & Measurement World

The book is well worth the small cost, in fact the book price could have been higher . . . -Newton Marketing

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