The Executive Protection Professional's Manual

The Executive Protection Professional's Manual, 1st Edition

The Executive Protection Professional's Manual, 1st Edition,Philip Holder,Donna Lea Hawley,ISBN9780750698689





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Key Features

Describes the attributes, principles, and practices of the qualified protection professional.
Introduction to those considering entering the field.
Valuable source of continuing education for current practitioners.


There is a big difference between an "Executive Protection Professional" and a "Bodyguard." This book separates truth from myth. Two authors, both experts in their respective fields, give you the facts and critical knowledge about the field of executive protection. Together they provide a wealth of knowledge about this unique and exciting field.

This book not only explains what it takes to be an executive protection specialist but gives other valuable information as well. This includes, tips on defensive tactics, bomb search, searching for bugging devices, firearms training tips, defensive and evasive driving, and advance reconnaissance. This unique book also covers how to select the area of executive protection that you would like to work in, what you should make, the interview, and stories from real life experiences of an executive protection professional.

Philip Holder is the creator of the Six Zone Safeguard System of Self Defense
(Sometimes called the Sidewinder System after his "Sidewinder Executive Protection Consultants"). He is also the chief Instructor and Grandmaster of the North American Wing Chun Association and its Ying Gi Ga method of Wing Chun Kung Fu. His many years as an executive protection professional (EPP), his work as an executive protection consultant, and as a personal trainer, along with his 35 years in the martial arts and his experience in full contact fighting all come together to provide a true sense of realism in his classes and seminars.

Donna Lea Hawley is a retired lawyer who has written a number of books and articles on law, firearms, hunter education, and self defense. She teaches seminars on sports liability, shooting, carrying concealed weapons, the law of self defense and use of deadly force, and self defense for the past fifteen years. She is a firearms instructor who has taught over a thousand people shooting skills and firearms safety. She holds six NRA Instructor Certifications.


security professionals who want to become executive professionals.

Philip Holder

Affiliations and Expertise

President, Master's Realm Inc.

Donna Lea Hawley

Affiliations and Expertise

President, Paramount Defense Academy

The Executive Protection Professional's Manual, 1st Edition

The Executive Protection Professional's Job * Attributes of a Good EPP * Types of Principles * General Principles and Procedures * Legal Issues for EPPs * Keeping the Principle Away From Danger * Packages and Luggage * Defensive Driving * Negotiation and Intelligence Gathering * Defensive Tactics Analysis and Application * Auto Search * Building Search * Firearms * First Aid * Equipment * Develop a Training Program * Protection Against Weapons * Real Life Stories * Things to Consider When Choosing Executive Protection as a Career * What Will You Make ($$$) * How to Get Fired
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