Toshiba Medium PLC Primer, 1st Edition

Toshiba Medium PLC Primer, 1st Edition,Edwin Dropka,ISBN9780750696944





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Key Features

Introduction to Toshiba EX100 series PLC Programming.
31 circuits with descriptions and programming applications.
EX-PDD250 software demonstration disk included.


This Primer provides an introduction to programming with the EX-PDD250 software common to Toshiba Medium PLCs. If you are just starting to use Toshiba Medium PLCs, or are planning to switch to using them, this book will allow you to get acquainted with the specifics of the software quickly in a straightforward, step-by-step way. It can also be used as a general introduction to RLL and PLC programming.

To supplement the text, the Toshiba demonstration disk included allows you to become familiar with basic techniques before you have to work on the real thing. The circuits in the book can be copied directly to your program, and modified to suit your needs.


PLC programmers/industrial and control engineers

Edwin Dropka

Toshiba Medium PLC Primer, 1st Edition

PLCs and Relay Ladder Logic; Toshiba EX-PDD software; Basic operations; Starting to program; Operational circuits; Special circuits; Changing PLCs; A baker's dozen PLC tips.
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