Designus Maximus Unleashed!

Designus Maximus Unleashed!, 1st Edition

Designus Maximus Unleashed!, 1st Edition,Clive Maxfield,ISBN9780080504056





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Based primarily on Designus Maximus series of articles from EDN magazine with new chapters and expanded text
Includes a CD-ROM including the Beboputer: Virtual Computer
Written by a popular columnist


Designus Maximus Unleashed! is more than a collection of article reprints; in this book, the original (unedited) text is revisited, along with new insights and previously unpublished material, all presented in the author's distinctive personal style. The accompanying CD-ROM includes a fully-functioning virtual computer, as well as BOOL Logic Synthesis, MMLogic Multimedia Logic Design System, and Analog Magic.

Clive Maxfield, a popular columnist, has collected his articles in a new order, grouped by topic, and expanded from the limits of magazine space. These articles have been published in magazines such as EDN, Electronic Design, and Electronic Design & Technology. In addition, he includes new material such as the history of computing, logic design tools, and the virtual computer. Two chapters of personal perspective begin and end the text.

Clive 'Max' Maxfield received his B.SC. in Control Engineering from Sheffield Polytechnic (now Sheffield Hallam University), England, and began his career as a mainframe CPU designer. He is currently a Member of the Technical Staff at Intergraph Computer Systems, Huntsville AL.

In his spare time, Max is a contributing editor to EDN magazine and a member of the advisory board to the Computer History Association of California. In addition to numerous technical articles and papers, Max is also the author of Bebop to the Boolean Boogie and the co-author of Bebop BYTES Back (An Unconventional Guide to Computers).


Design engineers and technicians

Clive Maxfield

Clive "Max" Maxfield received a BS in Control Engineering from Sheffield Polytechnic, England in 1980. He began his career as a mainframe CPU designer for International Computers Limited (ICL) in Manchester, England. Max now finds himself a member of the technical staff (MTS) at Intergraph Electronics, Huntsville, Alabama. Max is the author of dozens of articles and papers appearing in magazines and at technical conferences around the world. Max's main area of interest are currently focused in the analog, digital, and mixed-signal simulation of integrated circuits and multichip modules.

Affiliations and Expertise

Engineer, TechBytes, and Editor of PLDesignline.com EDA industry consultant, EDN columnist, and Embedded Systems Guru

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Designus Maximus Unleashed!, 1st Edition

Section 1: Capriciously Cunning Software: Who Was that Masked Man? * The Beboputer: Virtual Computer * BOOL Logic Synthesis * MMLogic Multimedia Logic Design System; Section 2: Design Capture, Synthesis, and Simulation: Capturing and Synthesizing a Design * Digital Logic Simulation * Static and Dynamic Timing Analysis * Digital Fault Simulation * Digital Simulation Logic Value Systems * Unknown X Values * Analog and Mixed-Signal Simulation; Section 3: Binary Arithmetic: A minus B = A + NOT(B) + 1 * Binary Multiplication * Binary Division; Section 4: Design Musings: State Machines * Asynchronous Design * Linear Feedback Shift Registers * Designing a Three-Phase Clock * Field-Programmable Devices * Library of Parameterized Modules; Section 5: Miscellaneous Musings * Reconfigurable Logic * Genetic Algorithms * Reed Müller Logic * Testing RAMs and ROMs * Deep Submicron Delay Effects * Logic Diagrams and Machines * Transistors of the Future * Protein-Based Switches and Nanotechnology * Interrupts and Interrupt Handling * A Letter from America; Appendix A: Installing your Beboputer; Appendix B: Beboputer Addressing Modes and Instruction Set * Index

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