Geotechnical Engineering Calculations and Rules of Thumb

Geotechnical Engineering Calculations and Rules of Thumb, 1st Edition

Geotechnical Engineering Calculations and Rules of Thumb, 1st Edition,Ruwan Rajapakse,ISBN9780750687645



9780750687645 New edition

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Easy-to-understand explaination to the formulas and calculation methods used in of soil and geotechnical engineering.

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Key Features

• Easy-to-understand approach the formulas and calculations
• Covers calculations for foundation,earthworks and/or pavement subgrades
• Provides common codes for working with computer software
• All calculations are provided in both US and SI units


Geotechnical Engineering Calculations Manual offers geotechnical, civil and structural engineers a concise, easy-to-understand approach the formulas and calculation methods used in of soil and geotechnical engineering. A one stop guide to the foundation design, pile foundation design, earth retaining structures, soil stabilization techniques and computer software, this book places calculations for almost all aspects of geotechnical engineering at your finger tips. In this book, theories is explained in a nutshell and then the calculation is presented and solved in an illustrated, step-by-step fashion. All calculations are provided in both fps and SI units. The manual includes topics such as shallow foundations, deep foundations, earth retaining structures, rock mechanics and tunnelling. In this book, the author's done all the heavy number-crunching for you, so you get instant, ready-to-apply data on activities such as: hard ground tunnelling, soft ground tunnelling, reinforced earth retaining walls, geotechnical aspects of wetland mitigation and geotechnical aspects of landfill design.


Primary: Structural Design/Construction, Geotechnical Engineers Structural Engineering, Environmental Engineers, and Earthquake Engineers
Secondary Market: Architects, Construction Managers, Geologists, Graduate and Undergraduate Students and College Professors.

Ruwan Rajapakse

Ruwan Rajapakse, PE, CCM, CCE, AVS is a practicing Civil Engineer and a construction manager in New York City. He has been teaching Civil PE courses for over 10 years.

Affiliations and Expertise

PE, CCM, CCE, AVS, Practicing Civil Engineer and Construction Manager, New York, NY, USA

Geotechnical Engineering Calculations and Rules of Thumb, 1st Edition

1.0 Site Investigation
2.0 Geotechnical Engineering Theoretical Concepts
3.0 Shallow Foundation Fundamentals
4.0 Bearing Capacity – Rules of Thumb
5.0 Bearing Capacity Computation
6.0 Elastic Settlement of Shallow Foundations
7.0 Foundation Reinforcement Design
8.0 Grillage Design
9.0 Footings Subjected to Bending Moment
10.0 Geogrids
11.0 Tie Beams and Grade Beams
12.0 Drainage for Shallow Foundations
13.0 Selection of Foundation Type
14.0 Consolidation
15.0 Earth Retaining Structures - Introduction
16.0 Gabion Walls
17.0 Reinforced Earth Walls
18.0 Geotechnical Engineering Software
19.0 Geotechnical Instrumentation
20.0 Un-Braced Excavations
21.0 Raft Design
22.0 Rock Mechanics and Foundation Design in Rock
23.0 Dip Angle and Strike:
24.0 Rock Bolts, Dowels and Cable Bolts
25.0 Soil Anchors
26.0 Tunnel Design
27.0 Short Course on Seismology
28.0 Geosynthetics in Geotechnical Engineering
29.0 Slurry Cutoff Walls
30.0 Pile Foundations:
31.0 Pile Design in Sandy Soils
32.0 Pile Design in Clay Soils
33.0 Design of Pin Piles – Semi Empirical Approach
34.0 Neutral Plane Concept and Negative Skin Friction
35.0 Design of Caissons
36.0 Design of Pile Groups

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